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6 Products to Fake ‘I got 8 Hours of Sleep’

Isn’t this the biggest goal we all wake up to on a morning, in hope we look like we’ve successfully got our healthy 8 hours of sleep each night? Well it is for me.

I wanted to share with you a few of my staple essentials to achieve fake this ‘look’ in hope to making morning’s easier for you.

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  1.  My holy grail serum – Advanced Genifique
    I’m pretty sure you will all be sick of me rambling on and on about this product. So I will keep this short and sweet.
    This serum is the best serum for perking up your skin, giving your skin a healthy luminous glow from deep within. Its helps illuminate and even out your skin making your complexion clearer and brighter, a non sticky or greasy formula. It’s a clear fat absorbing serum, which is measured out with the specialised pipette applicator – 1 drop per use, so you will never over use the product which again I LOVE.
  2. Genifique ‘Light Pearl’ Eye Serum
    I like to refer this little beauty as a sister version of my fave serum ‘Advanced Genifique’. Except with this Light Pearl its only applied to the eye area.
    Its the best eye serum I’ve ever tried and I’m yet to find any thing else quite like this on the market to date, so if you can prove me wrong leave a comment below.
    It’s so unique to the metal ball applicator, this means that the serum goes on very cooling and soothing. This feels amazing on a morning as it really helps to wake you up, also the formula of the serum and the metal ball helps to depuff any tired swollen eyes.
    The serum also helps deminish dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles over time too, see there really is nothing else quite like this!
  3. Eye drops
    These are the best for awakening your tired eyes, brilliant as well if your eyes are feeling irritated and dry!
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  4. Lancome, Hydra Glow Primer
    The Perfect Primer for an extra shot of glowy realness! Brilliant for a drier skin, if you have more oily skin I would stay away from this as a base primer, but you can use this for a subtle highlighter. This is a multi purpose product, so its great for everyone, a small pea sized amount tapped above your base make-up will bring light and healthy sheen to your skin make-up you look radiant and awake.
  5. Teint Miracle Cushion
    This is the best foundation for such a pale skin like mine which gives coverage but doesn’t look thick, cakey or noticeable on the skin. It really is a foundation which mimics a second skin effect. The soft pearlised finish gives a healthy radiant sheen to the skin and makes the skin look bright fresh and awake. You can blend this foundation in easy enough using your finger tips however if you want a fuller finish a brush is always better to get a more flawless finish.
  6. MAC,  Chromagraphic Pencil NC15 (Nude Pencil)
    Now this little pencil is not one to be over looked at all. This makes such a difference and really makes you’re eyes appear bigger, brighter and healthy.
    Its a flesh toned pencil which can be worn on the waterline inside the eye, this neutralises any redness on the inside rim of the eye. Which if you skip this step you will have picture perfect healthy skin with red tired sore looking eyes, especially if you’ve had a sleepless night. Running this on the inside of your eyes with take you less than 10 seconds and will stay put all day!

Let me know your favourite products you reach to when you need a little pick me on a morning!

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My Edwardian Upper Class Lady.

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For this media make-up assessment we were asked to create a lower and upper class character based on the Edwardian era (1901- 1910).
The make-up which we were asked to create for both characters needed to be suitable for TV and were advised to take inspiration from Period Dramas such as ‘Downton Abbey’ and Mr Selfridge.
Hair wise we had free reign in how we styled the hair however throughout our assessments for this module a hot rod set, a heated roller set and a wig must be used. We had 90 minutes for both hair and make-up.
For my assessment I chose to use Hot Rods to set my models hair. I chose this set as I felt it would suit the ‘Downton Abbey’ inspired hair as the curls worn during this era were very tight. The hair was always dressed up and I felt my models hair length would be best suited for Hot Rods as it was shoulder length so could be dressed out into a suitable length for Edwardian hair. Overall I felt the Hot Rods would be the most suitable option for both my characters.
I used a Tail Comb, Back Combing Brush, Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray and Hair pins and Grips from Hair Tools. I used techniques such as back combing, rolling and pin curls to dress the hair.
On the day I started by sectioning my models hair to make it easier to create a neat set. I used two boxes of Babyliss Hot Rods on my model. I sectioned the hair into very small pieces so as much heat could reach the hair as possible, creating a tighter curl.
The make-up worn in the era was very minimal as make-up was looked down upon and too much make-up was often associated with ‘Ladies of the Night’. Trying to achieve a ‘no make-up make-up’ look was hard especially as make-up needed to be applied and be suitable for TV however it needed to look natural to be true to the era but still give good coverage.

Products used:
– Illamasqua Cream Foundation, shade ‘110’
– Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation, shade ‘005’
– MAC Stdio Sculpt Concealer Palette, shade ‘Light’
– MAC Blush, shade ‘Cubic’
– HD Brow Palette (6 colours)
– MAC Eye Shadows, Orb, Concrete and Omega
– Max Factor Kohl Eyeliner Pencil, shade ‘Brown 30’
– Lancôme Hypnose Mascara, shade ‘Brown’
– MAC Lip Liner, shade ‘Whirl’
– MAC Lipstick, shade ‘Patisserie’
– Revlon Lipstick, shade ‘Black Cherry’

I was really happy with the overall look of my hair and make-up. It went better than expected and I was happy with my model choice as she looked naturally beautiful even with a paled down complexion. Even though blonde hair wasn’t seen as desirable in the early 1900’s, I feel the hair colour suited my model well, suited the style and also helped when setting the hair as it was quite pourous so took the hot rod set extremely well. My aims for next time is to work quicker when dressing out the hair, as I did go slightly over 90 minutes. I believe practise makes perfect and I will gain speed and confidence in time.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x