6 Products to Fake ‘I got 8 Hours of Sleep’

Isn’t this the biggest goal we all wake up to on a morning, in hope we look like we’ve successfully got our healthy 8 hours of sleep each night? Well it is for me.

I wanted to share with you a few of my staple essentials to achieve fake this ‘look’ in hope to making morning’s easier for you.

IMG_2213 (2)

  1.  My holy grail serum – Advanced Genifique
    I’m pretty sure you will all be sick of me rambling on and on about this product. So I will keep this short and sweet.
    This serum is the best serum for perking up your skin, giving your skin a healthy luminous glow from deep within. Its helps illuminate and even out your skin making your complexion clearer and brighter, a non sticky or greasy formula. It’s a clear fat absorbing serum, which is measured out with the specialised pipette applicator – 1 drop per use, so you will never over use the product which again I LOVE.
  2. Genifique ‘Light Pearl’ Eye Serum
    I like to refer this little beauty as a sister version of my fave serum ‘Advanced Genifique’. Except with this Light Pearl its only applied to the eye area.
    Its the best eye serum I’ve ever tried and I’m yet to find any thing else quite like this on the market to date, so if you can prove me wrong leave a comment below.
    It’s so unique to the metal ball applicator, this means that the serum goes on very cooling and soothing. This feels amazing on a morning as it really helps to wake you up, also the formula of the serum and the metal ball helps to depuff any tired swollen eyes.
    The serum also helps deminish dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles over time too, see there really is nothing else quite like this!
  3. Eye drops
    These are the best for awakening your tired eyes, brilliant as well if your eyes are feeling irritated and dry!
    IMG_2223 (2)
  4. Lancome, Hydra Glow Primer
    The Perfect Primer for an extra shot of glowy realness! Brilliant for a drier skin, if you have more oily skin I would stay away from this as a base primer, but you can use this for a subtle highlighter. This is a multi purpose product, so its great for everyone, a small pea sized amount tapped above your base make-up will bring light and healthy sheen to your skin make-up you look radiant and awake.
  5. Teint Miracle Cushion
    This is the best foundation for such a pale skin like mine which gives coverage but doesn’t look thick, cakey or noticeable on the skin. It really is a foundation which mimics a second skin effect. The soft pearlised finish gives a healthy radiant sheen to the skin and makes the skin look bright fresh and awake. You can blend this foundation in easy enough using your finger tips however if you want a fuller finish a brush is always better to get a more flawless finish.
  6. MAC,  Chromagraphic Pencil NC15 (Nude Pencil)
    Now this little pencil is not one to be over looked at all. This makes such a difference and really makes you’re eyes appear bigger, brighter and healthy.
    Its a flesh toned pencil which can be worn on the waterline inside the eye, this neutralises any redness on the inside rim of the eye. Which if you skip this step you will have picture perfect healthy skin with red tired sore looking eyes, especially if you’ve had a sleepless night. Running this on the inside of your eyes with take you less than 10 seconds and will stay put all day!

Let me know your favourite products you reach to when you need a little pick me on a morning!

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Introducing Lancome CC Cushion Primers!

I wanted to share this post with you all today, as I was kindly gifted 2 of the new Colour Correcting Cushions by Lancome. To my knowledge there’s nothing quite like this on the market to date and with Lancome being number one in the world for Cushion Make-up how could I not share with you…

Where to Purchase:

Price: £29

Amount of Shades Available: 4 Shades Available (I’ve got the Peach & Green)

Is it refillable? No

What does CC mean? ‘Colour Correcting’

But what is Colour Correcting?
Colour Correcting is a simple professional layering technique used by many make-up artists, to instantly improve the appearance of the skin, with the use of make-up – an advanced hugely noticeable quick fix.

The theory of the colour correcting comes from art and the artists colour wheel, which is used to create all the colours we have around us today.

Below is a very basic Colour Wheel:

Image result for colour wheel simple

When Colour Correcting colours opposite each other on the wheel, always work together, as you want to do the opposite of the problem and help.

Green + Red
Blue + Orange
Purple + Yellow

Applying this theory and knowledge to make-up:
Any redness/ rocacia to the skin, we will use the GREEN CC Primer ONLY IN THE RED AREAS to help lift the redness.

To help lift and neutralise dark circles before concealer is applied we will apply the PINKY PEACH CC Primer to the dark areas only.

To help with any sallowness to the skin we will use the PURPLE CC Primer to just these areas to help neutralise, in my past experience Purple Colour Corrector’s work great with Asian skin tones.

Lastly our YELLOW CC Primer is a universal corrector helped to use mild redness, improve dullness and fatigue to the skin.

Product Description from Lancome:
A color-correcting primer in a cushion compact that instantly provides weightless color correction of any skin coloration concern and hydration for a bright, flawless complexion. Miracle CC Cushion – Color Correcting Primer features a perfectly pigmented formula that allows for buildable coverage to spot correct imperfections or all over correction.
Formulated with pine extract to correct uneven skin tone and glycerin for hydration and glow, the CC Cushions leave a fresh, cooling sensation on skin. Layer it under your foundation for a non-cakey, transfer-free, skin-perfecting result.

What makes Lancome different from other brand correctors?
From using other brands correctors, our CC Primers from Lancome are like no other correctors on the market, due to the lightweight texture, cooling sensation and the fresh ‘slippy’ feeling the cushion format provides.
The correctors aren’t the brightest corrector’s on the market and that’s absolutley fine, not every CC on the market needs to have intense colour pay off, as it not for everyone. These Lancome CC primers, are perfect for those of you wanting to try the colour correcting technique but not the most confident in doing so. Fool proof, is the best way to sum these beauties up, you really can’t go wrong, perfect for the lively millenials on the go, to the leisurely generous elite!

Application & Techniques:
Apply with the ‘Less is definitely more’ approach. I got used to the cushion at first by testing on the back of the hand.
If you want a stronger coverage in an area, you’re best applying with a clean finger in a patting ‘layering’ motion rather than a circular rubbing motion.
I found using the pinky peach corrector under my eyes, I tended to pat the product on and then using wiping motions to feather out the edges to the product disappeared into the skin, so not too much would be in the way for foundation.
Around my nose I found folding the cushion in half worked better to get the product where I wanted.

Pictorial Products Used
– Lancome CC Cushion Primer Peach
– Lancome CC Cushion Primer Green
– Lancome Teint Idole Cushion 010
– Lancome Cushion Blush 024

Have you tried the Lancome CC Cushion Primers? What one appeals to you more?

Let me know below, tweet me or instagram me, my handle is @ruthbrabinermua, I’d love to hear from you!



Lancome’s PERFECT Double Cleansing Routine!

Cleansing: ‘Making the skin, thoroughly clean’.

IMG_2189 (2)

No matter how lazy you are with your skincare and make-up routine there’s no avoiding cleansing your skin.
It’s such an important part of taking care of your largest body organ, it can effect the way you look and feel within yourself.

Today I want to share with you 2 brand new products launched by my fave brand Lancome and how they perfectly fit in to my skincare routine featuring the new hype of the Double Cleanse. Introducing Bifacil Visage & Miel – en – Mousse…

IMG_2194 (2)

Step 1. Bifacil
Wiping the days stress’ away with the Bifacil Eye and Lip Remover, is how I like to start my cleansing routine, there’s no better feeling really… If you haven’t tried this eye makeup remover you’re missing out, its a make-up artist favourite for a reason! I adore the cooling sensation this leaves my skin feeling, especially for around my eyes, usually my eyes are feeling very irritated and warm towards the end of the day, so giving my eyes a quick wipe over with this is a real soothing treat!

Step 2. Bifacil Visage
Meet Step 1’s Bifacil’s baby sister, Bifacil Visage. Oh my. What a Dream.
I’ve been so tempted in the past to use Bifacil all over my face to get my base make-up off, because its just so cooling and effortlessly removes stubborn waterproof make-up. However I’ve refrained, its not for the face after all. But Bifacil Visage is *Smug Face*. This is basically a micellar water mixed with oil, so it will easily break down base make-up and the micellar water will lift the dirt from the skin, in such a genlte way… a powerful dirt magnet in a beautiful bottle!
Shake, Pour onto a cotton pad and Wipe!

Step 3. Double Cleansing with Meil- en- Mousse
I mean at this point if you dont wear a lot of make-up you can leave it here and move on to step 4. But because we’re beauty addicts and want the best for our skin we double cleanse. Thats right we do a double.
This time I use the Meil-en- Mousse, a honey based textured rinse off cleanser, which you apply onto a DRY skin.
I like to use around 3/4 pumps of this honey magic. Honey has anti-bacterial properties so will gently lift any remaining dirt and treat any impurities/ break outs. Be warned its a very gloopy/ stringy texture and that’s normal, it is honey based after all – Winnie the Pooh was never a clean eater…
Once I’ve applied it to my skin I like to rinse of using a hot damp face cloth and wipe away the cleanser. A this point the bathroom smells amazing! As well as my face, feeling so soft and smooth.

IMG_2207 (2)

Step 4. Tone
Tonique Douceur is the one for me. I must have gone through about 15 400ml sized bottles of this throughout the years, it truely is my favourite Toner!
It leaves the skin feeling so soft, hydrated and gives your skin such a  refreshing wake-up boost, due to its fresh scent, non greasy fast absorbing texture.

IMG_2209 (2)

Have you tried the Lancome Double Cleanse? What’s your favourite Lancome Cleanser? Let me know below in the comments!


My PERFECT Hydrating SPF Cream! 

IMG_1334 (3)

I CANNOT believe this amazing weather we are currently having in the UK, this week. It’s been absolutely boiling with glorious sunshine all week and has even reached a whopping 28 degree’s in Leeds, where I’m from… unheard of before!

Whats the weather been like for you, from where you’re from?

I couldn’t cant help but recognise the increased sales I’ve had a work this week from ladies demanding to products with SPF in. It really got me thinking into how thankful I am that I’ve finally found a moisturising day cream with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 20, which works perfectly for me everyday. Introducing the newly launched Lancome Visionnaire Day Cream – SPF 20.

IMG_1335 (2)

This day cream was recently launched back towards the end of March and was launched in support of the Lancome Visionnaire Night Peel ‘Crescendo’.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve never got on with moisturising day creams which have contained SPF in, in the past and quite frankly I’ve avoided them and looked for SPF protection in other products, such as my foundation. I know I’m the only lady which shares this opinion with SPF in day creams.
I completely understand when you add an SPF into a product you do have to add a preservative therefore that’ s what ends up changing the formula, making it into that thicker cream. I’ve always hated the ‘typical’ white thick texture, this brings, never blending seemlessly into the skin, leaving that ‘caspar the friendly ghost’ aurora to the skin. Not cute. They have often broken me out and just in general its always been a big no, no from me. As there’s been more negative experiences than positive ones.

IMG_1315 (2)

My mum absolutely raves about the original Visionnaire Day and Night Cream, she is absolutely obsessed and manages to get her hands on the 75ml sized jars where ever possible.
I’ve never really given it ago and I think its because of the last year or so, I have become oblivious into how much my skin has improved and changed. Therefore my skincare needs are now what the Visionnaire Cream has to offer, instead of Lancome Hydrazen cream.

The Visionnaire Cream is known for improving wrinkles, skins texture and appearance. Its filled with hyalauronic acid and a patented ingredient ‘Jasmonade’ which is Lancome’s own formula. This is the ingredient which plants produce on a night time to help repair themselves, which has the same effect on our skin. Its creates a silkly soft second skin feel to your skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh, supple and luminous just after 3 days. I really do agree. I’ve even felt my old acne scarring has reduced dramatically and I would even go as far to say that the SPF has had a huge role to play in this. As its protected this damaged/scarred area of my skin from the sun, therefore its not aggravated my scarring and only helped to reduce.

Even work colleges have commented on this and trust me, working in a beauty hall that’s saying something – a group of experts seeing me most days and even they have seen a big enough difference to comment – says just how good this product is!

I feel if you have an normal/ combination (oily) skin – I would definitely recommend in giving this a try, its worked wonders for me and even I have the most sensitive skin.

IMG_1333 (2)

Try a pick up a free sample at your local Debenhams, or even go into store and speak to one of the consultants and feel the texture on your hand, I know you will be pleasantly surprised!
Oh and as for my mum raving on about the Visionnaire Creams, well I guess ‘MUM’S ALWAYS KNOW BEST, RIGHT?’ Right.

Let me know which SPF Day Cream works for you and why you love it below.

Thanks for reading,



An Update! Ft Lisa Eldridge & Lyndsey Harrison


So I’ve been a little bit absent on my blog recently, but thought I should fill you in on what I’ve been doing.

Last week was a very eventful week, on Thursday I had an incredible time at my Lancôme Conference in London!

It was made extra special that one of my favourite make-up artists made a surprise visit, the one and only Lisa Eldridge!  😳


Lisa is a big inspiration to me in make-up, her work is so Original, Creative and yet so Beautiful, always enhancing her models image and working with her canvas. Lisa spoke about her journey into the industry and how she has progressed to be Lancôme’s Creative Director of Make-up. Her visit was then rounded up by a Q & A for us all! And yes I can confirm Lisa in the flesh is just as beautiful and her voice is still as calming and soothing as ever even in front of around 600 Lancome BA’s.

Then rolled on Saturday!
On Saturday I spent the afternoon playing with make-up with Celebrity Make-up Artist, Lyndsey Harrison.
I’ve been following Lyndsey’s working since studying at Leeds City College studying my BTEC Diploma in performing arts, so that must be about 6 years ago (2011) mind blowing. I first discovered Lyndseys work after she was mentioned by Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) in a Video. When researching Lyndsey I then discovered she was working BTS on the Cast of TOWIE, glamming up the girls for their on screen appearances. Being a lover of the glam make-up and TOWIE, it was a non brainer I became a follower of Lyndsey’s work and spoke to her over the years.
Finally last Saturday I was able to meet Lyndsey in person, as my parents had booked a One to One lesson with her as part of my Christmas Present, it was just down to me to organise it all!
I will be doing a little post in much more detail about how the One2One went so keep an eye out!

Let me know what you’ve been up to?


Origins: Out of Trouble Face Mask

THE PRODUCT: Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask


Available at:, Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis

Price: £24

Amount of Product: 100ml

Skin Type: Oily/ Combination/ Acne Prone

What they say:
‘When skin is too-slic or when more pressing problems start to pop up, Origins is here to keep skin Out Of Trouble. Super-absorbent Zinc Oxide and Sulfur plus calming Camphor rapidly soak up oily-shine, slough off dead cells and sweep away debris. Together they steer skin clear of slippery situations, refine rough texture and pull the plug on troublemakers to help prevent potential outbursts.’

Why I like it:

How & Why I like to use this:
I love to use this once or twice a week, I feel it really calms my skin and prevents any breakouts which I think may be round the corner from popping out. I find myself using this whilst I have a bath as this mask only needs to be on for 10 minutes, so its quite a quick easy mask to fit into my routine whilst in the bath.
Its a perfect product which can just be used in small areas instead of a full face mask and I have been told by Amber my friend who works for Origins it can be used as an over night treatment on any blemishes.
I can whole heartedly say the main reason I continuously repurchase this product time again and again is because I feel it makes me skin a lot clearer, brighter and most importantly less aggravated. It really soothes and takes the redness out of my skin and I can always guarantee this product to give me an extra trust worthy boost to pick my skin up.
The size of the mask is a really good size, it lasts ages but not long enough to feel like the product may have gone off or to get bored of the product.
I really like the packaging, its really clean and easy to use and not messy in the slightest, compared to masks I have used before which have come in tubs.
I quite like the smell of this product, its very minty however if you’re not keen on mint scents I suggest you go into store and ask to smell the tester before purchasing. I wouldn’t say the smell is enough to stop you from purchasing as it’s not overwhelming and considering this product is only on for your skin around 10 minutes, it’s not going to be on your skin all day like a day cream. I would suggest hanging on in there with the smell and reep up the benefits the product has to offer.
I wouldn’t say this is the most affordable, but its definitely worth every penny. I do believe you get what you pay for with skincare. I would try and buy this product when stores have promotions on and to get it a little bit cheaper, as after all its a skin TREATment to me, so not essential but compliments my skincare regime very well.






Current Skincare Routine.

Welcome back!

So I thought I would share with you today, my every day skin care routine. As these are one of my favourite topics to find out about people in hope I will find a new product I might want to try myself!

The cleanser I am currently using, I have been using on and off for the past 3 years. I only ever move away from it, to try other products.
This one is the Lancome Gel Eclat Foaming Cleansing Gel, suitable for normal to combination skin types. It is activated with water and only a small pea sized amount is required to cleanse the entire face and free the skin from any impurities. It leaves the skin feeling ‘squeaky’ clean, soft and radiant looking.
Its the perfect partner for the Clarisonic Mia, which I frequently use on a weekly basis.


After Cleansing my favourite all time Toner is again by Lancome and is the Tonique Douceur toner. This toner is the best one I’ve tried, its a very gentle toner, but really refreshes and hydrates the skin quickly, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily or greasy. Its perfect for an normal to combination skin type and is alcohol free. I do strongly believe its improved my skins texture over time. It is slightly fragranced, I believe this is from the plant extracts it contains, but has never aggravated my sensitive skin.


Surprise Surprise another product by Lancome!
This one is the Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concerntrate, Lancome’s Number One Serum. I have used this again for so many years and cant go a day without using it. It really helps to wake my skin up on a morning, its so refreshing and light. it comes with a pipette, in one click a measured amount is released, so there is no chance of over using the product. The serum is a milky white colour and helps to add radiance, firmness, elasticity, even out the skin tone and texture of the skin.


Eye Cream
I love eye cream, I think its such an important part of a basic skin care routine. I sometimes get quite puffy eyes on a morning through tiredness and any form of eye cream really helps to hydrate my eyes and help me me wake up on a morning.
I do have to say I’m not particularly loyal to a certain eye cream, I tend to try something new every time my old one runs out. At the moment I’m currently using a La Roche Posay one for Hydrating Sensitive Eyes, its a nice light gel non- sticky formula and really fast absorbing.


Day Cream
Again, I’m quite similar to eye cream with Day Cream. I have a few Day Creams I like to mix and match between depending on how my skin is feeling. I like the Lancome Hydrazen Day Cream for Normal Skin and another great one from Lancome is the Energie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser. If I’m wanting more hydration throughout the day the Embryollise La Creme Concentrate is a beautiful moisturiser and a great base for make-up. Currently I am using an Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moisturiser, I got a travel size to try when I purchased the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm and its a really nice cream. Not too heavy, not greasy. But I do have to say you only need a small amount as sometimes if you use a little too much and then go onto apply foundation it can peel off.



Night Cream
The Night Cream I am currently using I absolutely adore. I have never seen such quick results from a night cream before. The product I’m referring to is again by Lancome and is the Energie de Vie Sleeping Mask. It is a 2 in 1 product. You can use a thin layer and the product can be used as a Night Cream or a thicker amount can be applied and be left on for up to 10 minutes and it can be used as an intense hydrating mask. The texture is very different to any other product I’ve come across, its a melt in formula to is a very light weight soft gel and once it hits the heat of the skin the product starts to break down into water droplets to hydrate the skin. It leaves the skin feeling super smooth, bouncy and soft. I know the Energie de Vie Range is targeted for a dull tired looking skin so is filled with a lot of anti- oxidants, lemon balm extract and acai berries to help fight against dull tired, de-hydrated skin. I love the  clean, fresh, light up lifting scent of this product, really reminds me of the Summer time.


If you have any questions about any of the products listed above, let me know!

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