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Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn.

Its here. I caved, I cracked, I crumbled. And I have no regrets, I’m now the proud owner of the Bobbi Brown Universal Palette.

I thought before I dig my fingers  and brushes in, I thought I would share with you, the beautiful pictures of this gorgeous palette.

I know some of you may be reading and be thinking ‘But eh Ruth! When are you really going to use all those colours, you’re a pale gurl…what a waste of money?!’ This lil baby is for my freelance kit, therefore all skin colours are covered, what a dreamy product!
This palette is definitely fitting for the professional make-up artists whom find themselves working on a variety of skin tones on a day to day basis, as ALL skin tones are covered. Those Make-up Artists who travel a lot, this is a dream as its so light and compact, many of my friends who love make-up who don’t necessarily do freelance make-up, have been shocked at the size of the palette, however being a freelancer, this size is perfect! Also this palette is your best friend if your a makeup artist who does a lot of ‘touch ups’ through working on TV, or Editorial shoots.

I’ve been wanting this palette for the last 3 years, but borrowing other peoples BBU Palettes, on recent jobs has definitely firmed up to me that I NEEDED this palette and it was 100% worth the extortionate amount of money it sells for.

What do you guys think of this palette? Is it on your wish list too?

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Mini London Kat Von D Haul!


Just a quick little haul for you today which I’d thought I’d share, as I picked up some very ‘iconic’ products from Kat Von D’s range at Debenhams now it has launched in the UK.

I am planning on doing separate reviews for each of these products, so make sure you follow my blog to not miss out on a post!


First up…

Kat Von D Lock it Liquid Foundation ‘Light Neutral’ £27


Next I picked up…

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita’ £16


Finally I couldnt got to Kat Von D and not pick up another Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner in the shade ‘Trooper’ £16





Have you tried the above?



Mini Sephora – Kat Von D Haul!


A few weeks ago, my friend Liv flew to Tampa (Florida) with work and she kindly asked if I wanted anything bringing back…. From Sephora.

Well I could have wrote a list as long as my body with American Skincare/ Make-up I really want to try from Sephora, but I knew I needed to be realistic and spend as little as possible, lol torture.

So I decided to get the number 1 product which has been on my list for just under a year now for my kit and a personal treat for myself, because a girl gotta treat herself!

Both of these products I decided to go for, were from the same brand Kat Von D. Both were recently featured in my September Wishlist which can be read here if you want to refresh the memory.



I first discovered and heard about this beauty through David Horne at the House of Glamdolls in London. I played with it for a good 5 days on other peoples faces whilst having it applied to me. I soon new there and then I needed this in my kit as there is nothing else in my kit quite like it and nothing I’ve found quite like it on the market as of yet. I love how finely milled and pigmented the powders are, making them a dreamy all round contouring product to blend into the skin. Perfect.





Well I’m sure you’ve heard of this product before, as all beauty bloggers love to rave about thus eyeliner as being one of the best eye liners they have ever used. Known for its dark intense black and smudge proof formula, I had to give it a go, considering I rock a winged liner every day of the week!



Let me know if you would like a review on these products!



Zoeva Brush Haul! 

Welcome back!

So this is a little bit of a different post than what I usually post, but thought it was about time I started to post some more personal blog post which are not university related, making maybe a little more interesting for you.

A few weeks ago I decided to invest in some Zoeva Brushes. I’ve never owned any Zoeva brushes before however I had used them when I went down to London for a 5 Day Course at the House of Glamdolls, with David Horne. So I had a few certain favourites etched in my mind of what I will want to one day own and now I can proudly say I do!

  1. Concealer and Buffer Brush (142) – £7.95 each
    I bought 2 of these, I really liked working with this brush when I was down in London. I found it really good for multiple uses such as contour colour, buffing out foundation, around the hair line, under the eye etc. Its a synthetic brush too so I am hoping it will wash super easy and keep its shape well.


  1. Precise Shader Brush (237) – £6.95 each
    Again I picked up two of these. These little brushes are the ones I was most excited about putting in my basket. Just because out of the hundreds of brushes I already own I don’t own a teeny tiny brush like this for adding colour to the eyes, which is completely bizarre considering how small it is, it makes sense to have a small eye brush in the kit!? I think this will be really good for packing on colour, good to use on hooded eyes, and good for crease work too.

  1. Brow Line Brush (322) – £5.95
    I purchased this brush for tidying up around the brow area if I am wanting to create a really defined polish brow as you can get a really nice point with these types of brush. This ones a little different to other angled brushes I’ve tried as its incredibly sturdy and not flimsy, I would say its a little bit thicker than the Illamasqua Angled brush. This brush is also really good for dry stamping eye shadow onto the upper lash line and taking out for a winged shape, if you don’t feel confident enough in going straight in with liquid liner.

  1. Face Shape Brush (110) – £8.95
    This brush was a little bit of a an impulse buy. I liked it, I wanted it, I got it. Not something I NEEDED to have but it made me happy to add it into my basket. I saw the brush as an upgrade of my Real Techniques (Core Collection) Contour Brush. One that I really like reaching for for sculpting faces with cream and powder products.

  1. Fine Liner Brush (315) – £5.95
    I’m pretty sure these brushes are made for eye liner, but I tend to use them as clean up brushes. What I mean by that is I will mostly use this type of brush with concealer to help define and clean up eye liner or lip work. Just makes the make-up look cleaner and polished, plus the bent angle makes it really easy to use and have good control.

  1. Spot Liner Brush (310) – £5.95
    Again I feel like this brushes purpose is for eye liner, but like the 315 I like to use it in a different way. I feel like this brush is really good for pin point concealer little blemishes on the skin. As the brush is so tiny, flat, short and sturdy its brilliant for packing on concealer in the stubborn areas which need the extra coverage. I just hope I dont lose it…



Hope you liked this different blog post. Please note all Images were taken off of

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x