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Lancome Grandiose: Liner & Extreme Mascara

A few months ago now, Lancome launched 2 new products to their Grandiose Family.
One of the two, was a brand new liquid liner ‘Grandiose Liner’. There really is nothing else quite like it out on the market today.
Its unique selling point is the wand’s bendable handle, allowing the liner to be used in the ‘usual’ liner way and at an angle for guaranteed symmetry with both eyes. Clicking the wand into a sturdy 45 degree angle, also ensures ease therefore a steady hand for precise eyeliner application, especially when applying liner in the inner corner of the eyes.
The ultra thin tip of the liner, allows me to get the product right to the root of my lashes. The liner fluid itself is fast drying with an intense matte black pigment which sets into place with a smudge proof film, meaning a little product goes a long way. Numerous liner styles can be done with effortless ease now for beginners and pros alike.
The other addition was the Grandiose Extreme Mascara… Meet the original Grandiose’s Dramatic sister!
Read below to see how incredible the new Grandiose Mascara is and how the two are a match made in heaven!
I have started by filling in my brows and applying Lancome Effarcernes Longue Ternes Concealer as a base to my eye make-up. I find this water proof concealer works well as a make-up base and to lift my complexion. I have set this in place using Lancome Colour Ideal Powder (now discontinued), an alternative would be the Lancome Belle de Teint Healthy Glow Powder.
2. img_0091
The next step is to start applying the liner. Here you can see how I have clicked the liner to the 45 degree angle. Positioning the liner at this angle has made applying the liner as easy as possible due to a comfortable angle. The thin tip also allows for even thickness.
3. img_0093
Above is the Grandiose Liner applied to just the upper lash line. Its super easy and quick to use and you can see how matte the fluid has dried. This is just one coat of product I haven’t needed to keep going over the line in layers to build the intensity. The dark pigmentation is instant.
4. img_0094
If you know me, you’ll know I am never without my winged liner. At this point I like to click the Grandiose Liner into a ‘normal’ eyeliner wand. I never pull or tug my skin as I find as soon as I release my skin it bounces back and the line looks terrible. After years of practice I find using my bottom lash line as a guide is the easiest. By this I mean I look at lower lash line in the mirror and imagine in my head my lower lash line never ending and draw in the line I am imagining. This way you will gain symmetry on both eyes, and it should compliment your eye shape well.
5. img_0096
Once step 4 is mapped out I believe the worst bit is over with! The next bit is the easiest bit which is to join up the wing to your first line you drew. I like to thicken the wing by extended the upper lash line eyeliner and winging it up to meet the end of the angled liner. This way you have more control and wont ever ‘over thicken’ your liner.
6. img_0102
Above I curled my lashes using Superdrug own brand of lash curlers, and applied one coat of the new Grandiose Extreme Mascara. This mascara gives instant Va-Va-Voom!
Instant Extreme Volume. Instant Extreme Hold. Instant Extreme Intensity.
The signature Swan Neck wand which the original Grandiose features makes lashes easy to fan out from corner to corner, root to tip. I’ve found working the mascara brush through my lashes in a zig zag motion upwards is key!
The plastic brush heads provides brilliant separation on each lash and the black boosting polymer allows an intense matte pigmentation which dries to a 24 hour smudge resistant formula.
7. img_0117
Using the 360 degree advantage of this wand, allows brilliant ease for applying the mascara to the bottom lashes. My bottom lashes have never looked so long!
The Grandiose Liner is available in Black, Brown and a Gorgeous Sapphire Blue – Simply Stunning!
The Grandiose Liner retails at £23 and the Grandiose Extreme Mascara retails at £25.
Due to the insane staying power of these products, you do need to be prepared to invest in a good eye make-up remover. I find the best eye make-up removers for this job are oil based ones such as Lancome’s Bifacil (£21.50) or alternatively a cheaper product would be L’Oreal Paris Absolute Eye and Lip Remover (£5.95).

Have you tried the Grandiose pair? Let me know what you think!




Empties #1


So today I wanted to share with you some products that I’ve finished up using, so you can have a nosey at what I’ve been using, why and what I thought of them.

1. Lancôme Tonique Douceur 400ml – £36
Normal to Combination Skin : Tonique Douceur, Cleansers SKIN CARE

I’ve gone through so many bottles of this stuff, I’ve lost count! This is my favourite toner I’ve tried, just because  I feel like it really hydrates and nourishes my skin after cleansing it. There’s no alcohol in this toner, but I do have the clarifying toner also which contains alcohol and use that once a week as exfoliating treatment on my skin. It has a clean smell and really wakes me up on a morning and is very soft and gentle, that I can run over my eyes without causing any irritation. I also use this toner in my Kit as it is for all skin types, so work well for any skin type I’ve come across and dries on the skin quite quickly making it perfect for my needs.

2. Lancôme Gel Eclat 125ml – £23

I think this tube has been my 4th one I’ve gone through, which is mad! However I have been using this cleanser now for nearly 3 years and it’s brilliant for moving all my make-up. I don’t think going through 4 in 3 years is bad going to be honest, this stuff lasts me ages, as a small pea sized amount goes such a long way. This is type of Cleanser you use with water and it lathers up on the skin, making it the perfect partner in crime with my Clarisonic Mia 2, which I couldn’t be without. If you don’t like that thicker gel kind texture Lancome also do a Mousse version which is a little more lighter and thinner, which makes a  nice alternative. I like this as it amazing on sensitive skin but is the first cleanser I’ve found to remove all my heavy make-up and not leave that tight skin feeling after just cleansing. It really is worth the investment, for how long it lasts!

3. Lancôme Genifique Eye Pearl 20ml – £46

This is an eye serum which you apply to and around your eye area using a stainless steel metal ball applicator. The metal ball applicator keeps the serum cold and help de-puff tired looking eyes, bringing the blood flow to the top of the skin. The serum also helps to brighten and illuminate around the eye area, as well as help fight the first signs of ageing. This can be used up to 5 times a day, on top of make-up throughout the day or just as part of a skincare routine. Some people I know even go as far to store it in the fridge to keep it extra cold! This is such a nice base for eye make-up and a really nice product to use on a morning especially if you are one to suffer from tired puffy eyes. Its not too thick, its very light in texture and quickly absorbs leaving no trace or residue. I’ll definitely be repurchasing soon!


4. Lancôme Galateis Douceur 400ml – £36

I also have the milk cleanser to match my face wash cleanser. I use this in my Kit, as its great for getting make-up off models after shoots, as its so gentle. It can be used on the face, eyes and lips, making it a make-up artist must have. This one in particular is great for all skin types even the most gentlest of skins. I tend to find working this all over the face with my finger tips and then removing with a cotton pad the best way to cleanse the skin. I also like to use this on a night time when I cant be bothered washing my face or I’ve not worn make-up all day just to freshen my skin up.

5. YSL Forever Light Creator Serum 50ml – £85

For my skin tone corrector I tend to keep with the Lancome range and use Dreamtone in the ‘1’ shade. However I think there has been a dispatch problem with this at the minute, so I decided to opt for something else whilst it came back in to stock. I decided to go for YSL’s equivalent. I have to admit I much preferred the pipette applicator than the Dreamtone press down button method, as I could never tell or judge when I was running low on the Dreamtone product. It has really helped to brighten and even my skin tone out especially on my forehead all redness has been removed. It has not broken me out which put my off on some reviews, my skin took surprisingly well to the change. It quickly absorbed into my skin and again has a really nice clean fresh smell so was pleasant to use. I just used it once a day in a morning and found that worked best for me. I’ll be happy to repurchase the product again in the future.

6. Origins Out of Trouble Mask 100ml – £23

I love this mask! This is my favourite mask and needing to repurchase as soon as possible, it really does help calm redness and angry spots, its the best mask I’ve ever used. I used it about once or twice a week depending on how my skin is and leave it on for around 10 minutes whilst in the bath. I don’t tend to use it all over my face all the time, I like to concentrate it on the areas I feel like needs some TLC and I find this way it makes the product last longer! If you suffer with angry spots, stressed skin which is also sensitive I would highly recommend this mask for a weekly skin treat. If you’re a bit sceptical I’d try get your hands on a sample and see how you get on.

7. Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml – £18.50 & £20.50

Surprisingly this Shampoo & Conditioner have lasted me a really long time. They’re the first products I’ve ever tried from Bumble and Bumble and I’m very pleased with how they left my hair. The shampoo really cleansed my hair and didn’t leave my hair feeling or looking greasy which many cheaper shampoos tend to do. The conditioner was really creamy also and left the end of my hair feeling very soft. The scent wasn’t overly strong but just had a nice clean smell to it. I did feel my hair looked more texture after I’d blow dried it after using these 2 products, but I’m not sure is that just me thinking that. They definitely left my hair feeling very light and weightless, which is what both products claim to do on the bottle, happy Ruth! I would love to try more products from Bumble and Bumble in the future.

What have you recently finished?

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x