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How to Bubble Eye Liner! The NEW Trend!

Hey Guys!

Today I’m sharing with you a new liner trend, which is a fun cute wearable way to wear liquid liner!

I learnt this new technique recently whilst on my Lancome Make-up Artist Training and was actually surprised at how wearable and fun it looked so thought I would share with you, if you want to spice things up with your liner routine!

What I will be using:
Lancome Visionnaire Yeux 
Lancome Effacernes Concealer
Lancome Loose Powder
Lancome Grandiose Liquid Liner
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

Step 1.
IMG_1241 (2)

You will need to start by prepping your eye with an eye cream, to ensure the make-up we apply goes on easy therefore it will result in a flawless and professional finish!
For this I am using the Lancome Visionnaire Eye Balm. This is my current eye cream of choice, as I am currently the Visionnaire Day Cream with SPF 20, so I love to match my skincare for maximised results. I’m loving this balm as its a silky light balm texture, with a cooling finish, which isn’t too rich or greasy. It uses hydro-blur technology so evens out the skin tone, texture, minimises any fine lines and reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags. Perfection in a bottle for this liner look!
Remember girls, you only need a grain of rice sized amount of eye cream, less is definitely more!

Step 2.
IMG_1244 (2).JPG
Next we want to create a flawless base. So for this I like to use the Lancome Effacernes Concealer. I use this concealer every day to prime my lids. This concealer is Waterproof, so it stays put all day with NO creasing and it gives amazing coverage. Its a liquid concealer with a light cream texture, which gives such a natural result, which is why I love this.
Again I use a rice grain sized amount and apply to my lid using my ring finger in small patting motions. You don’t want to be pulling and rubbing your eye area, as your skin around your eye is so delicate, up to eight times thinner in fact! It is known that using your ring finger applies the least amount of pressure out of all your fingers – apparently!

Step 3.
IMG_1247 (2)
With Concealer done its important to set that perfect base with a dusting of powder. My choice of powder today is the Lancome Loose Powder in Translucent. I’m obsessed with a good translucent powder as it doesn’t alter the colour of your base, doesn’t look patchy it just sets your base with a see through veil, gorgeous! To apply this I just use a small fluffy brush.

Step 4.
IMG_1278 (2)

Now onto the fun bit! The liner. I’m using the Lancome Grandiose Liquid Liner, as its the best liquid liner I’ve found on the market and trust me I’ve tried everything and I’m super fussy. From a liquid liner I want an intense black pigment, not a off black – whats the point!? I always prefer a matte finish, as I find it looks more intense which Grandiose delivers on! I love a liner which dries fast and doesn’t smudge or run through out the day and again Grandiose doesn’t disappoint on this. Grandiose is built in with a water based formula, which sets with a matte film over which stops the product transferring – Genius! Plus I adore the click handle. Basically you can snap the handle of the liner to a 45 degree angle for ease of application, creating better precision.

Start by creating 1 half circle on the centre of your lid. From this point to another 2 either side. You then need to draw the line out, forming the wing. From this its so important to do a half circle on the bend of the wing to connect. I then was able to do another 2 small half circles on the ‘winged’ part. However this section all depends on your own eye shape and the overall look you want! I suggest working methodically in your head so you can get the shape symmetrical on the other eye.

Step 5.
IMG_1262 (2)

Now you have the basic shape, you now need to join up the half circles and neaten up the liner circles too. Once your happy follow steps 1- 5 on the other eye.

Step 6.
IMG_1285 (2)

Curl your lashes and finish with your Favourite Mascara. Today I’m using the Lancome Hypnose Drama, Mascara as I love a false lash effect which this mascara gives. It has excellent play time to allow you to build and layer the product up to give you thick full lashes.

Step 7. (Optional)
IMG_1294 (2)

I then decided to layer my Grandiose Liners! I decided to outline my edges with the Grandiose Liner in the Sapphire Blue Shade. I love this as I feel it really ties the look together and really defines the shape of the bubbles.

Step 8. (Also Optional)
Finally take a picture and Tweet/ Instagram Tag me your result – I would LOVE to see!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed!