Saying Au Revoir to Bad Skin Days, thanks to Lancome!

Im sure if you’ve been reading my posts for a while now (thank you) I’m sure you will be aware my never dying love for Lancome’s Number One Serum ‘Advanced Genifique’. I’ve lost count how many bottles I’ve gone through, no skincare routine is right without it in my opinion. Every face that gets the pleasure of sitting in my chair gets introduced to this little beauty – its that good.  Ruth ‘Advanced Genifique’ Brabiner, please to meet you too!

Now at the end of this month August Lancome are introducing to the shelves Advanced Genifique Sensitive!

IMG_2239 (2)

Sensitive. Don’t let the name fool you, by thinking oh sensitive, my skins not sensitive I’ll give it a miss, this one’s not for me. Well I can assure you, you’re wrong my friend, here let me explain…

Price: £59

Where to Purchase: Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Browns, Hoopers, Harrods, http://www.lancome.co.uk

Amount of Product: 20ml (One Size Only)

Official Statement from Lancome:
Today’s lifestyle can cause havoc on our skin. External factors such as travelling, air conditioning, seasonal changes, pollution or late nights, as well as internal factors such as fatigue, stress or hormonal cycles, can all have an impact on your skin appearance.
These internal and external factors can sometimes result in your skin feeling and looking “different” causing a “bad skin day”.
Bad skin days can affects women whatever the age or skin type.

It’s time to say bye-bye to bad skin days as we introduce the new Advanced Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate, our night skin saviour. A freshly Activated Dual Concentrate serum that will help soothe your skin whenever you feel it needs it. The face serum is enriched with the same ingredient as our iconic Advanced Génifique Serum – ferment extract, bifidobacterius extract as well as a lactobacillum ferment extract. In addition to these ingredients it contains an additional concentrate enriched with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

Whats a bad skin day to me?
To give you a little summary into my bad skin day – a ‘hightened sensitivity’ period of time on my skin. I usally suffer with patches of de-hydration in areas of my skin, with aggravated redness, along with a few blemishes around the chin area for good measure! Laverly.

When/ How do I use it?
To use this product you do need to use it on a night time, after you have cleansed your skin and toned. You use the Advanced Genifique Sensitive, the same way you use the original Genifique in a morning. You apply one pump of the sensitive to the palm of your hands and massage into your clean skin using your finger tips, avoiding the eye area. You then follow on with your regular eye cream and night time cream over the top.
I have been using my Visionnaire Eye Balm and Hydrazen Nuit Cream over the top my Sensitive Serum.

How do I activate the product?
You’re either gonna love this process or hate it. I was a bit worried doing mine for the first time, but it’s so quick and simple. To be honest, I wanted to have a go at another one it was that fun, felt like I was in my own laboratory. This is definitely some thing to keep the children entertained for 10 minutes!

How long with Advanced Genifique Sensitive last?
Advanced Genifique Sensitive is full of pro biotics and yeast which are natural ingredients therefore, Sensitive will only last for approxiametly 2 months from activation. It’s important to make a note of the date, you first activate the product, you have 2 months from this date.

What happens to the product after 2 months?
The product will no longer be safe to use, the colour of the product will change and also the smell, due to the pro biotics.

How do I know if it will be suitable for my skin?
If you’re unsure I suggest popping by to your local Lancome counter and get your hands on one of these samples and having a one to one, skincare consultation with a Lancome expert.

How has my skin changed since using Advanced Genifique Sensitive?
I would say its a lovely addition to add to a skincare regime for when your skin is feeling like it needs a pick me up boost, but I do agree with Lancome that this isn’t for everyone to use. I would only suggest trying this out if you do feel you’re skin is really suffering with the seasonal change or you’re going through a stressful period of work or you’ve been ill recently and your skins suffering because of it. You need to be sure you’re skin needs a bit of TLC and that you know you will definitely use this every night for the next 2 months of opening, otherwise I do feel you would be disappointed and not see the results that this product is capable of achieving.
Although its still part of the Genifique family, this little serum is in a league of its own, especially in comparison to the original Genifique. The sensitive serum is a lit bit thicker in texture, its still a runny fluid however I feel it is a tiny bit denser. I do feel that you can still feel the texture of the product on the surface of the skin rather than the super fast absorbing original genifique. It doesn’t bother me that the sensitive stays on the surface a bit longer as I don’t stick to the pillow and actually I prefer to know that the sensitive serum is working its way into my skin throughout the night. The colour as well is a blue colour, but in no way does this leave the skin with a blue tinge. Its quite fragranced but I think the scent is mainly the probiotics which you can smell, as it’s such a natural fresh ingredient. I wouldn’t say its an off putting scent but you can definitely smell it whilst applying to the skin, therefore you can understand why this product can no longer be used after 2 months of opening.
I found it quite easy to remember my 2 month mark as I opened it on the 22nd of August as the 22nd is my Birthday number, so I would suggest doing the same and picking a memorable number of the month that you can look back on and remember when you started the treatment.
I found from using the Genifique Sensitive, my skin looked a lot more soothed the next day from using this and didn’t look as angry in areas. However its important to note that the spots I did have at this time didn’t really go away from using this or get any worse. I don’t recommend purchasing the Sensitive Genifique as an anti spot treatment as this isn’t what a ‘bad skin day’ is in terms of this product, which can be a little bit confusing.
I would definitely suggest reading some reviews on http://www.lancome.co.uk and trying to get your hands on a sample at any of your local Lancome counters to see if this product is the one for you.

Let me know if you’ve been tempted to try the Genifique Sensitive or if you’re a lover of the Genifique Original Serum!

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x






Review: Kat Von D Lock it Liquid Foundation!

Today’s blog post is about the Lock it Liquid Foundation from Miss Kat Von D… The best foundation I’ve EVER come across. Now that’s a statement.


I picked this up on New Years Eve in the Debenhams on Oxford Street, on a little bit of a whim, as I didn’t go with the intention to buy this particular foundation but picking up a new tattoo liner and a liquid lipstick, I thought meh may as well give it ago! You can tell it had just been Christmas I never usually go with this f it sort of attitude when shopping!

I’ve been using this for a good 2 weeks now and I have to say I’m SERIOUSLY impressed…

THE PRODUCT: Kat Von D Lock it Liquid Foundation

Available to purchase: Exclusive to Debenhams in the UK, Oxford Street Debenhams or alternatively you can purchase online at http://www.debenhams.co.uk

Price: £27

Amount of Product: 30ml

What they say: ‘Creamy and pigmented, ‘Lock-It’ foundation is the only long-wear liquid formula we can count on to create a perfect canvas. With one pump it will even out discolouration, stop shine and hide blemishes, offering amazing coverage that’s so long-wear you can go a full 24 hours without re-applying. Formulated with proprietary pigments plus an exclusive blend of siliconic elastomers which bind the formula, it will stay flawless, fade-free and transfer-proof. The bottle also features an innovative airless chamber design that prevents contamination, maintains rich consistency and ensures a fresh, precisely measured dose with every pump.’

Colours Available: 17 available shades in the UK

My Thoughts: I’m incredibly impressed with this foundation. I loved that looking through the range, the colour choice for paler skin was insane, I couldn’t believe the amount of paler shades that were available. I remember the shades being broken down in to ‘Light Cool’ ‘Light Neutral’ and ‘Light Warm’. I did spend a while looking through the shades, to pick the right one for me. I personally opted to not get colour matched, due to having a tiny bit of gradual tan on and without meaning to sound ‘sassy’, but I do know my skin tone better than anyone.
I opted to go for Light Neutral, which is a very good colour match, especially for my neck when I have no tan on. Matching my foundation to my neck has been my biggest problem for me in the past, as my face is more pigmented than my neck due to redness and acne scarring. However its worth noting I do need to use Bronzer with this because of its full coverage, I do feel washed out and feel like I need a bit of depth and colour and well ‘life’ to be put back into my face. I could have probably got a way with Light Warm, so I’ll consider that next time when I re-purchasing because it will definitely be happening!!
Although the product gives amazing coverage, it feels incredibly light on the skin, its a non- drying formula and doesn’t transfer to the touch, again such a big bonus. I was a bit sceptical and thought it might ‘crack’ with it being a full coverage, What I mean by this is where the foundation ‘cracks’ in smile lines and around the nose, or in between frown lines. Which I’ve experienced before with fuller coverage foundations especially the iconic Estee Lauder Double Wear, which isn’t flattering. But it mesmerised me again and failed to be like the ‘usual’, by not cracking or going patchy throughout the day. Hallelujah.
A big factor for me was how even and bright the foundation looked on me through out the day, a lot of the girls noticed at work and said how nice and how perfect the colour matched was which was a lovely added bonus to the product.
The colour remained true to first application throughout the day and didn’t change or oxidise. I have an oily skin and believe it or not I remained so matte and velvety through out the day. This foundation seems too good to be true doesn’t it?

Tips & Tricks:
– Beware, this product does not contain an SPF, so you will need to make sure you are using another form of sun protect-ant for your face. Having said this, this will be the perfect night out foundation as the no SPF will guarantee you wont get the horrific flash back face when a photograph is taken.
Start off with just the one pump, it will definitely be enough for a full face, however you can build up more if needed without wasting any of the product from over using.
Keep the lid! May sound obvious, but the lid/stopper its that obvious. Its a black heart which pops in and out which will be needed when on the move to avoid any messy spillages.

I’ve been applying this using a Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ and then applying a cream Bronzer and buffing out any areas with the ‘Buffing Brush’ again by the amazing Real Techniques.

I cant urge you enough if you have a paler skin, too really give this ago, there will defintely be a perfect shade for you. Alternatively if you suffer from high pigmentation or acne, which you want to eliminate, this well give you the perfect coverage and sit beautifully. You will have a huge boost of confidence with this foundation!
It may be a faff to get your hands on, but trust me its worth it.

Let me know what you think? Have you tried the powder formula?



Staff Shop Haul

For day 2 of the challenge I wanted to share with you a few bits I have purchased from the staff shop from work.
Working for a luxury cosmetic brand under the L’Oreal Luxe Umbrella, means I am entitled to branded products at a discounted rate which are also owned by L’Oreal, its one of the very good perks of the jobs I LOVE!

Normal to Combination Skin : Tonique Douceur, Cleansers SKIN CARE
1. Lancôme Tonique Douceur 400ml
This is my favourite Toner, I like to use it on myself as I find it doesn’t strip my skin or leaves it feeling irritated. It gently hydrates the skin but is very quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave any residue. The smell is also really nice and refreshing! I use this in my make-up kit as well as the Tonique Douceur is suitable for all skin types and ages, so I’ve never had any problems with it!

Pigmentclar Serum packshot from Pigmentclar, by La Roche-Posay2. La Roche Posay, Serum Corrector
This is a first I’ve never tried anything from La Roche Posay, so funnily enough popped a few things in my basket to try. I’ve heard its a brilliant brand for sensitive skins that are prone to break outs, (which is 100% mine) from the amazing Lisa Eldridge so if Lisa recommends, I think we maybe on to a winner!
I like to use a serum corrector although its not essential. I’ve found using a skin tone corrector has really helped repair my skin from previous acne damaged. Although I still have some marks, it’s really helped to tone down the colour and redness in my skin. So I thought I would pick this one up to try!

Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay

3. La Roche Posay Gel Cleanser 200ml
To match the serum corrector I also thought I would try the Gel Cleanser to match. Apparently this is good for an oily combination skin but wont strip your skin, as its formulated for everyday use. It can also be used on the face and body! So I thought if it doesn’t work for me on my face I can always use it in the bath and its not a waste of money!

Effaclar A.I. packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay

4. La Roche Posay Targeted Breakout Corrector
This is a skin treatment that can be used on specific areas of your skin morning and night time. It is suitable for sensitive skin and its purpose is to help reduce spots and any marks that cant tend to be left behind. I’m excited to try this as I’m hoping this will help remove some of my angry spots I tend to have around my chin area, which are usually brought on with the time of the month and the stress of university. It says

Eye Alert

5. Kiehls Eye Alert 15ml
I needed a new eye cream and decided to give this Kiehls one a go just for a change as I don’t think you can really go too wrong when it comes to eye cream. This one in particular claims to help brighten the eye area, soothe tired looking eyes and help to de-puff. So I thought it would be brilliant for on a morning after the late nights of staying up to do work! Researching this product further it seems like its actually for males, but oh well an eyes an eye right!?

6. Redken Cream Cleansing Shampoo
I’ve tried many hair cleansing cream shampoo’s however this happens to be my favourite. I used it about once a week and it helps to give the hair and scalp and good clean of any product build up that your every day shampoo may struggle to get rid of. It doesn’t strip the hair but hair always feels squeaky clean after.
I cant use cheap shampoos on my hair as they tend to have too much silicone based products in which just coat and sit on my hair unfortunately. But Redken have some really good products which don’t do that. I really recommend if you struggle to find a shampoo which actually cleans your hair and doesn’t leave it feeling or looking greasy.

Hope this has been interesting and helpful!

Ruth x


Images taken from:

Zoeva Brush Haul! 

Welcome back!

So this is a little bit of a different post than what I usually post, but thought it was about time I started to post some more personal blog post which are not university related, making maybe a little more interesting for you.

A few weeks ago I decided to invest in some Zoeva Brushes. I’ve never owned any Zoeva brushes before however I had used them when I went down to London for a 5 Day Course at the House of Glamdolls, with David Horne. So I had a few certain favourites etched in my mind of what I will want to one day own and now I can proudly say I do!

  1. Concealer and Buffer Brush (142) – £7.95 each
    I bought 2 of these, I really liked working with this brush when I was down in London. I found it really good for multiple uses such as contour colour, buffing out foundation, around the hair line, under the eye etc. Its a synthetic brush too so I am hoping it will wash super easy and keep its shape well.


  1. Precise Shader Brush (237) – £6.95 each
    Again I picked up two of these. These little brushes are the ones I was most excited about putting in my basket. Just because out of the hundreds of brushes I already own I don’t own a teeny tiny brush like this for adding colour to the eyes, which is completely bizarre considering how small it is, it makes sense to have a small eye brush in the kit!? I think this will be really good for packing on colour, good to use on hooded eyes, and good for crease work too.

  1. Brow Line Brush (322) – £5.95
    I purchased this brush for tidying up around the brow area if I am wanting to create a really defined polish brow as you can get a really nice point with these types of brush. This ones a little different to other angled brushes I’ve tried as its incredibly sturdy and not flimsy, I would say its a little bit thicker than the Illamasqua Angled brush. This brush is also really good for dry stamping eye shadow onto the upper lash line and taking out for a winged shape, if you don’t feel confident enough in going straight in with liquid liner.

  1. Face Shape Brush (110) – £8.95
    This brush was a little bit of a an impulse buy. I liked it, I wanted it, I got it. Not something I NEEDED to have but it made me happy to add it into my basket. I saw the brush as an upgrade of my Real Techniques (Core Collection) Contour Brush. One that I really like reaching for for sculpting faces with cream and powder products.

  1. Fine Liner Brush (315) – £5.95
    I’m pretty sure these brushes are made for eye liner, but I tend to use them as clean up brushes. What I mean by that is I will mostly use this type of brush with concealer to help define and clean up eye liner or lip work. Just makes the make-up look cleaner and polished, plus the bent angle makes it really easy to use and have good control.

  1. Spot Liner Brush (310) – £5.95
    Again I feel like this brushes purpose is for eye liner, but like the 315 I like to use it in a different way. I feel like this brush is really good for pin point concealer little blemishes on the skin. As the brush is so tiny, flat, short and sturdy its brilliant for packing on concealer in the stubborn areas which need the extra coverage. I just hope I dont lose it…



Hope you liked this different blog post. Please note all Images were taken off of http://www.beautybay.com

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x