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Easy Halloween Skull using Ultra Wear Foundation Sticks!

With Halloween nearly upon us I thought I would share with you a Halloween look using only 5 different types of products and no fake blood needed!
This look would be perfect for anyone who hasn’t got any ‘special effects make-up’ at home, so needs to use their everyday make-up bag to achieve a Halloween look!

Products I used:
– Lancome Foundation Sticks in shades 005, 032, 055 & 16
– Lancome Le Crayon Kohl (Noir) – Black Pencil
– Lancome Mr Big Permanent Marker (Noir)
– Lancome Grandiose Liner (Noir) – Black Liquid Liner
– Lancome Grandiose Mascara – Black Mascara
– Lancome Black Eyeshadow from Hypnose Eyeshadow Palette (Brun Adore)

  1. I prepped my skin using Lancome’s Advanced Genifique with Light Pearl Eye Serum and a little bit of Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream, after cleansing and toning.
  2. I then moved on to the main base colour using the Lancome Ultra Wear Foundation stick all over which matched my skin tone (005). I applied this using the short handled angled brush also by Lancome and worked it onto the skin achieving a medium coverage, with no concealer.
  3. Next I used the Lancome Foundation Stick in shade 032, and mapped out the ‘Skull’ shape by creating sunken in cheek bones and forehead. I used a small flat brush to apply and blended this into the skin using downward striped motions, so no harsh edges were noticeable and the colour faded from 032 to 005 seamlessly.
  4. Then I used shade 055 in the same Lancome  Ultra Wear Stick and went over this shape further to create more depth. I applied the 055 to my jaw line and created the shape of the heavy angry brows. A good tip to create this effect is to frown normally and run a thin brush in between the frown line wrinkles and then relax the face and blend following the shape you have already created using a small fluffy brush with light pressure.
  5. Once I had finished adding depth with 055, I moved on to the darkest shade to create more depth by using shade 16. I used a very light hand for this and a fluffy brush I found taking the product on to the brush for the stick worked better than using the stick straight onto the skin, as I lost precision when I tried it straight from the stick.
  6. At this point I moved onto creating the dark eyes and the mouth. I started by applying Lancome’s Le Crayon Kohl Pencil in Black to the top and bottom waterlines of both eyes. I then followed my own natural eye socket shape by feeling for the socket bone around my eye and created the suitable shape. Le Crayon Kohl Pencil worked perfectly as it glided over the foundation so easily and didn’t pull or drag my skin when I applied it.
    I then used the same pencil to map the lines around the mouth area which you can see pictured.
  7. I then swapped the kohl pencil for the Mr Big Permanent Marker again by Lancome to colour in the circles around the eyes, for speed and depth. I’m sure you are aware if you have had a play using the Mr Big Permanent Marker, you will have experience the Marker does have a tendency to stick, so to help prevent this I used a black eye shadow from one of the Hypnose Palette eye shadows and ran this all over the area I had applied the Marker, to prevent it sticking and moving and to make it a darker black.
  8. I finished the eyes of by applying a few coats of one of my favourite Lancome Mascara’s; Grandiose, on to my top and bottom lashes.
  9. I applied the Mr Big Marker to my nose as well to create the shape and used a little bit of the Lancome Grandiose Liner neaten and create a precise sharper finish.
  10. I felt at the point the rest of the make-up looked a little bit ‘too clean’ so I used a very light hand with the kohl pencil and created small thin wobbly lines to create a vein type look to some areas of the face and used my ring finger to blend it into the skin to soften the look.

Let me know if you give this a go, or link below your own Halloween tutorials I’d love to see them!




Lancome Grandiose: Liner & Extreme Mascara

A few months ago now, Lancome launched 2 new products to their Grandiose Family.
One of the two, was a brand new liquid liner ‘Grandiose Liner’. There really is nothing else quite like it out on the market today.
Its unique selling point is the wand’s bendable handle, allowing the liner to be used in the ‘usual’ liner way and at an angle for guaranteed symmetry with both eyes. Clicking the wand into a sturdy 45 degree angle, also ensures ease therefore a steady hand for precise eyeliner application, especially when applying liner in the inner corner of the eyes.
The ultra thin tip of the liner, allows me to get the product right to the root of my lashes. The liner fluid itself is fast drying with an intense matte black pigment which sets into place with a smudge proof film, meaning a little product goes a long way. Numerous liner styles can be done with effortless ease now for beginners and pros alike.
The other addition was the Grandiose Extreme Mascara… Meet the original Grandiose’s Dramatic sister!
Read below to see how incredible the new Grandiose Mascara is and how the two are a match made in heaven!
I have started by filling in my brows and applying Lancome Effarcernes Longue Ternes Concealer as a base to my eye make-up. I find this water proof concealer works well as a make-up base and to lift my complexion. I have set this in place using Lancome Colour Ideal Powder (now discontinued), an alternative would be the Lancome Belle de Teint Healthy Glow Powder.
2. img_0091
The next step is to start applying the liner. Here you can see how I have clicked the liner to the 45 degree angle. Positioning the liner at this angle has made applying the liner as easy as possible due to a comfortable angle. The thin tip also allows for even thickness.
3. img_0093
Above is the Grandiose Liner applied to just the upper lash line. Its super easy and quick to use and you can see how matte the fluid has dried. This is just one coat of product I haven’t needed to keep going over the line in layers to build the intensity. The dark pigmentation is instant.
4. img_0094
If you know me, you’ll know I am never without my winged liner. At this point I like to click the Grandiose Liner into a ‘normal’ eyeliner wand. I never pull or tug my skin as I find as soon as I release my skin it bounces back and the line looks terrible. After years of practice I find using my bottom lash line as a guide is the easiest. By this I mean I look at lower lash line in the mirror and imagine in my head my lower lash line never ending and draw in the line I am imagining. This way you will gain symmetry on both eyes, and it should compliment your eye shape well.
5. img_0096
Once step 4 is mapped out I believe the worst bit is over with! The next bit is the easiest bit which is to join up the wing to your first line you drew. I like to thicken the wing by extended the upper lash line eyeliner and winging it up to meet the end of the angled liner. This way you have more control and wont ever ‘over thicken’ your liner.
6. img_0102
Above I curled my lashes using Superdrug own brand of lash curlers, and applied one coat of the new Grandiose Extreme Mascara. This mascara gives instant Va-Va-Voom!
Instant Extreme Volume. Instant Extreme Hold. Instant Extreme Intensity.
The signature Swan Neck wand which the original Grandiose features makes lashes easy to fan out from corner to corner, root to tip. I’ve found working the mascara brush through my lashes in a zig zag motion upwards is key!
The plastic brush heads provides brilliant separation on each lash and the black boosting polymer allows an intense matte pigmentation which dries to a 24 hour smudge resistant formula.
7. img_0117
Using the 360 degree advantage of this wand, allows brilliant ease for applying the mascara to the bottom lashes. My bottom lashes have never looked so long!
The Grandiose Liner is available in Black, Brown and a Gorgeous Sapphire Blue – Simply Stunning!
The Grandiose Liner retails at £23 and the Grandiose Extreme Mascara retails at £25.
Due to the insane staying power of these products, you do need to be prepared to invest in a good eye make-up remover. I find the best eye make-up removers for this job are oil based ones such as Lancome’s Bifacil (£21.50) or alternatively a cheaper product would be L’Oreal Paris Absolute Eye and Lip Remover (£5.95).

Have you tried the Grandiose pair? Let me know what you think!




Bridal Make-up & Hair (Postiche) Assessment

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A few months ago one of my tasks in my brief was to create hair and make-up suitable for a bride with the challenge of using a type of postiche in the hair. In more basic terms a type of false hair had to be used in the hair whether this was hair extensions, pieces, or a wig. With both hair and make-up being able to with standard weather conditions, last all day and be suitable for different types and lighting for photography.
Not being confident in hair but still wanting to go down the traditional bridal route in which my research took me, I opted to use a bun piece. I thought this would work really well if the colour was a good match to my models hair, and the overall quality of the bun piece being excellent, to achieve a realistic look.
I think using a bun piece was a very good decision especially for bridal as it was so quick and easy to apply, it can be used on any length of hair (which can go up into a ponytail) and can be easy to maintain through out the day if needed as the bun has a strong self moulded shape.
I researched quite a few different options when looking to buy my bun piece and in the end I decided to go for one by Hair Rehab London by Lauren Pope. I have known about the company for many years and follow them on social media and the quality of the hair has always looked to a very high standard and reasonably priced. However this was a gamble considering I had never purchased from here before so getting the colour right was risky.
Having said this on the website they do offer a free service to colour match you up with the suitable shade which is really useful.
For my assessment I used the ‘Clip on Bun’ in the shade ‘Cocoa’ at £20.99. Click on the link here to see the bun in more detail and how it fixes in to place.
I kept the bun in its neat form as I wanted a polished look for my assessment however this bun allows you to restyle it into a more messy textured looking bun as it has shorter layers in which can be backcombed and manipulated into place. It’s really versatile, another postive.
I accessorised my Clip on Bun by cutting up these crystals found at Hobby Craft for £2.50 and slotted them into the bun. The netting inside the bun piece held the crystals firmly into place.

Now on to the Make-up. Below please find the product list of every thing I used on my assessment day to create this look:
MAC Liquid Lotion Strobe
MAC Face & Body C1
MAC Concealer Palette Light
Illamasqua Loose Powder 010
Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel, Bronze Universal
Lancôme 030 Blush
MAC ‘Angel’ Lipstick
MAC ‘Whirl’ Lip Liner
MAC Lip Glass ‘Fashion Scoop’
MAC Paint Pot ‘Painterly’
MAC Fluid Line ‘Macroviolet’
Lancôme Grandiose Mascara
Illamasqua False Lashes No.14
MAC Eye Shadow (All over the lid) ‘Sun Tweaked’
MAC Eye shadow (Outer Corner) ‘Clushed Glove’
MAC Eye shadows (Socket) ‘Brun’ & ‘Blackberry’
MAC Eye shadow ‘Rice Paper’ & Illamasqua Loose Pigment ‘Furore’ (highlight)
Illamasqua Pencil ‘Elate’
Illamasqua Eye brow Cake ‘Thunder’

What products have you found that work best for Bridal makeup & hair? or which products did you use on your special day? Let me know below 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x