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Working at The BAFTAs 2018!

Ahhh at last, I’m finally getting time to write this out, at long last. It’s been a crazy few weeks to say the least, hence to why I am only getting chance to write this post now.

As the title reveals, YES I worked at the BAFTAS 2018!

The British Academy of Film & Television Awards, if we’re being proper here.

I worked the BAFTA Weekend with my Lancôme Family at The Savoy Hotel in London – Home to the Luxurious Lancôme Suite.

If I’m being honest, it still feels a bit weird to type it out and put on my CV ‘Lancôme BAFTA Make-up Artist 2018’.

The only way to some up the entire working weekend, would be to say I was in an exquisite magical bubble for the entire weekend, which just floated by so quickly and I definitely landed on Cloud 9.

I felt incredibly lucky and blessed to have been chosen to be part of the small Lancôme BAFTA Make-up Team, working under our top Lancôme UK Make-up Artist, Fortunato Benavoli.

The Lancôme Suite

I can’t even tell you how beautiful, the Lancôme suite was that we worked in. Every detail oozed Lancôme Luxe. The fresh real pink rose decor, the Lancôme fragranced candle burning away silently in the background, scented the whole suite. Vases filled with minature La Vie est Belle & Tresor La Nuit perfumes for guests to take, sat next to face charts created by the King of Face Charts Alex Babsky, created to inspire our guests who awaited make-up in the suite, layed upon a beautiful mirrored glass table. Individual Black and White Make-up stations adorned every required Lancôme product needed for a red carpet look, organised side by side. Modern 1950s light up mirrors, with Lancôme branded directors Make-up chairs finished off the luxury stations perfectly, what a way to get our guests in the BAFTA spirit.

To the left of the Make-up Station was the Lancôme photography room. Yes a whole room, for photos. Lancôme knows.

The room had a grand floor to ceiling flower wall, embellished with real soft pink roses of all sizes & fairytale forest greenery. In the centre a neon Lancôme Logo, shon through the floral backdrop.

About 8 cameras stood in front of the backdrop, cos you know why have 1 when you can have 8… these made the perfect gif.

But expect to nail the perfect one after around 23 attempts, which ends to slowing down the viewing machine, which ends to having an internal melt down after seeing 3 chins you were in denial about, which leads to the anxiety of the whole queue thats formed seeing your failed attempts, in which you end up asking the guy in charge for posing tips, to avoid the piggy face or tum being on show. We were all guilty of this, right Marek? Hahaha.

We all loved this, especially the guests. After you had nailed your pose, you could view it on the fancy vending style machine. Send it, print it or share it, instantly!

In the room next to this was the bathroom of all bathrooms. Imagine a Savoy Suite bathroom decorated with every Lancôme skincare product required for a perfect base for red carpet make-up. Head over to @esteelalonde ‘s Instagram to see how big this bath really was!

Grand visuals hung around the suite of our stunning Lancôme ambassadoress’. Kate Winslet’s portrait hung next to me, everyone commented how gorgeous she looked. The pressure was on.

The Team

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have around me for my first BAFTA experience. I was the only one who has travelled from ‘reet up north’ from Leeds, so I was a little nervous.
Make-up Artists I worked with which I would highly recommend you check out their instagrams:

Fortunato @fortunato.benavoli

Charlotte @charlottewood.mua

Maja @majamakeups

Marek @MarekHegli

Georgios @itsonlyabitofmakeup

Sameera @sameera_facecreative

Hasan @makeupbyhasan

Eleni @EleniTuesley

Skincare Experts were Tiffany @Tiffany712 and Ezra, having these girls there to prep the skin, was a dream, you were a huge help ladies!

Painting Faces

So the big question, who’s make-up did you do!?

Honestly, I lost count I must have painted at least 20 fabulous faces, across the whole weekend. I met some wonderful ladies of all ages from London, Ireland, Scotland, LA, Italy & California. I was lucky to make-up a few of the nominees, a few ladies which come to mind include:

Mary H. Ellis, Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, & Jennifer Evans

The last person I made up was the beautiful Lancôme Blogger & influencer, Manal who goes by the handle (@chinutay).

To know what I used on Manal & other attendee’s please view Lancome page, by clicking here.

Comment below if you have any questions!

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Thanks for reading,

Ruth x



6 Products to Fake ‘I got 8 Hours of Sleep’

Isn’t this the biggest goal we all wake up to on a morning, in hope we look like we’ve successfully got our healthy 8 hours of sleep each night? Well it is for me.

I wanted to share with you a few of my staple essentials to achieve fake this ‘look’ in hope to making morning’s easier for you.

IMG_2213 (2)

  1.  My holy grail serum – Advanced Genifique
    I’m pretty sure you will all be sick of me rambling on and on about this product. So I will keep this short and sweet.
    This serum is the best serum for perking up your skin, giving your skin a healthy luminous glow from deep within. Its helps illuminate and even out your skin making your complexion clearer and brighter, a non sticky or greasy formula. It’s a clear fat absorbing serum, which is measured out with the specialised pipette applicator – 1 drop per use, so you will never over use the product which again I LOVE.
  2. Genifique ‘Light Pearl’ Eye Serum
    I like to refer this little beauty as a sister version of my fave serum ‘Advanced Genifique’. Except with this Light Pearl its only applied to the eye area.
    Its the best eye serum I’ve ever tried and I’m yet to find any thing else quite like this on the market to date, so if you can prove me wrong leave a comment below.
    It’s so unique to the metal ball applicator, this means that the serum goes on very cooling and soothing. This feels amazing on a morning as it really helps to wake you up, also the formula of the serum and the metal ball helps to depuff any tired swollen eyes.
    The serum also helps deminish dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles over time too, see there really is nothing else quite like this!
  3. Eye drops
    These are the best for awakening your tired eyes, brilliant as well if your eyes are feeling irritated and dry!
    IMG_2223 (2)
  4. Lancome, Hydra Glow Primer
    The Perfect Primer for an extra shot of glowy realness! Brilliant for a drier skin, if you have more oily skin I would stay away from this as a base primer, but you can use this for a subtle highlighter. This is a multi purpose product, so its great for everyone, a small pea sized amount tapped above your base make-up will bring light and healthy sheen to your skin make-up you look radiant and awake.
  5. Teint Miracle Cushion
    This is the best foundation for such a pale skin like mine which gives coverage but doesn’t look thick, cakey or noticeable on the skin. It really is a foundation which mimics a second skin effect. The soft pearlised finish gives a healthy radiant sheen to the skin and makes the skin look bright fresh and awake. You can blend this foundation in easy enough using your finger tips however if you want a fuller finish a brush is always better to get a more flawless finish.
  6. MAC,  Chromagraphic Pencil NC15 (Nude Pencil)
    Now this little pencil is not one to be over looked at all. This makes such a difference and really makes you’re eyes appear bigger, brighter and healthy.
    Its a flesh toned pencil which can be worn on the waterline inside the eye, this neutralises any redness on the inside rim of the eye. Which if you skip this step you will have picture perfect healthy skin with red tired sore looking eyes, especially if you’ve had a sleepless night. Running this on the inside of your eyes with take you less than 10 seconds and will stay put all day!

Let me know your favourite products you reach to when you need a little pick me on a morning!

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Lancome’s PERFECT Double Cleansing Routine!

Cleansing: ‘Making the skin, thoroughly clean’.

IMG_2189 (2)

No matter how lazy you are with your skincare and make-up routine there’s no avoiding cleansing your skin.
It’s such an important part of taking care of your largest body organ, it can effect the way you look and feel within yourself.

Today I want to share with you 2 brand new products launched by my fave brand Lancome and how they perfectly fit in to my skincare routine featuring the new hype of the Double Cleanse. Introducing Bifacil Visage & Miel – en – Mousse…

IMG_2194 (2)

Step 1. Bifacil
Wiping the days stress’ away with the Bifacil Eye and Lip Remover, is how I like to start my cleansing routine, there’s no better feeling really… If you haven’t tried this eye makeup remover you’re missing out, its a make-up artist favourite for a reason! I adore the cooling sensation this leaves my skin feeling, especially for around my eyes, usually my eyes are feeling very irritated and warm towards the end of the day, so giving my eyes a quick wipe over with this is a real soothing treat!

Step 2. Bifacil Visage
Meet Step 1’s Bifacil’s baby sister, Bifacil Visage. Oh my. What a Dream.
I’ve been so tempted in the past to use Bifacil all over my face to get my base make-up off, because its just so cooling and effortlessly removes stubborn waterproof make-up. However I’ve refrained, its not for the face after all. But Bifacil Visage is *Smug Face*. This is basically a micellar water mixed with oil, so it will easily break down base make-up and the micellar water will lift the dirt from the skin, in such a genlte way… a powerful dirt magnet in a beautiful bottle!
Shake, Pour onto a cotton pad and Wipe!

Step 3. Double Cleansing with Meil- en- Mousse
I mean at this point if you dont wear a lot of make-up you can leave it here and move on to step 4. But because we’re beauty addicts and want the best for our skin we double cleanse. Thats right we do a double.
This time I use the Meil-en- Mousse, a honey based textured rinse off cleanser, which you apply onto a DRY skin.
I like to use around 3/4 pumps of this honey magic. Honey has anti-bacterial properties so will gently lift any remaining dirt and treat any impurities/ break outs. Be warned its a very gloopy/ stringy texture and that’s normal, it is honey based after all – Winnie the Pooh was never a clean eater…
Once I’ve applied it to my skin I like to rinse of using a hot damp face cloth and wipe away the cleanser. A this point the bathroom smells amazing! As well as my face, feeling so soft and smooth.

IMG_2207 (2)

Step 4. Tone
Tonique Douceur is the one for me. I must have gone through about 15 400ml sized bottles of this throughout the years, it truely is my favourite Toner!
It leaves the skin feeling so soft, hydrated and gives your skin such a  refreshing wake-up boost, due to its fresh scent, non greasy fast absorbing texture.

IMG_2209 (2)

Have you tried the Lancome Double Cleanse? What’s your favourite Lancome Cleanser? Let me know below in the comments!


My New Love. Mr BIG is Here. And he’s my PERFECT Match.

IMG_1515 (2)

There’s a NEW man in town, have you heard?

Mr BIG has arrived! – Okay so HE may have not arrived but IT certainly has!

The NEW Lancome Mascara has finally landed in the UK, I’ve been dying to get my hands on this ever since hearing Lisa Eldridge talk about the unreleased product at the time and how much she loves how fun it was!

The promotional material, for the new millennial aimed mascara features th

IMG_1456 (2)

e GORGEOUS Victoria Secrets Angel and Top Model, Taylor Hill:

Price: £21 Available at Debenhams, Boots, Selfridges, John Lewis, Hoopers, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser.
Also available to purchase here and travel size is available to purchase here at £12.

IMG_1459 (2)

Who’s Mr BIG for?
Forget Big from Sex and The City, this little guy definitely wont let you down.
Mr Big is the perfect for match for any lady who likes an instant false lash effect, with intense black pigment. Big, Full, Voluminous, Fun, False Lashes! NO flaking, smudging or clumping, with an phenomenal 24 Hour voluminous hold.
Lancome Hypnose Mascara is the Number 1 best seller, for Luxury Mascara.
Mr Big, we have BIG expectations from you… no pressure.

IMG_1466 (2)

What he promises:
Mr Big provides heart stopping volume, leaving lashes 12x more volumised! The formula of Monsieur Big is Ultra- Creamy, making an easy light weight application – it glides on like silk! The supple waxes and polymers, allow an instant effect straight away for BIG Beautiful Lashes, for upto 24 Hours to last you all night even through to the morning after…

There really isn’t a fun mascara like this on the market, the results off the Lancome USA Website say it all, in my opinion!

95% feel this mascara glides easily on lashes during application
95% find this mascara comfortable to wear all day long
92% find the colour of the mascara very dark / intense
91% feel this mascara make their eyes look bigger
90% feel this mascara lengthen their lashes well

Where he fits within the Lancome Mascara family:
I feel Mr Big is the new fun version of my beloved Hypnose Drama Mascara. I feel Hypnose Drama, is Mr Big’s older more sophisticated older sister.

IMG_1464 (2)

My findings:

IMG_1524 (2)


IMG_1542 (2)

Curling the Lashes for MAXIMUM Results

IMG_1543 (3)


IMG_1550 (2)


Trying out Mr Big, he certainly delivers what he offers on the packet. In less than 5 seconds you’ve got a fabulous coating of mascara, exactly what a lot of mascaras offer after minutes of building the mascara up.
I do find the Mr Big formula very fast drying, so you don’t have as much play time as other Lancome mascara’s but this is what sets it apart from the other Lancome mascaras, its not a bad thing as its not a drying flakey mascara, I would just be aware of this when applying Mr big for the first time.
This mascara is perfect for False Lash wearers as you can definitely feel you’ve got the big full weighty lashes, hence why this mascara is a complete no no for a natural mascara wearer.
I haven’t found Mr Big to flake on me through out the day or transfer and I absolutely love the intense black pigment it provides. I’ll be honest I do find I tend to over look this in a mascara – because black is black right?! Well no this really does have that intense black pigment which stands out.
It’s super easy to remove also at the end of the day, the Lancome Bifacil Eye Make-up Remover is an effortless gentle quick dream to get all of Mr Big’s remnants off.
Overall I love Mr Big but for me he’s definitely a special occasion mascara in my make-up bag – but don’t let my opinion put you off this mascara is an absolute must for false lash wearers – this little fella will end up saving you a lot of pennies on lashes in the long run  trust me!

Have you tried Mr Big yet? What’s your thoughts?

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Meeting Lisa Eldridge! Life Goal Made.

IMG_0965 (4)

Well what a MINDBLOWING day. I’m writing this from the train back home from London to Leeds and I genuinely feel like I’m floating on cloud 9 right now, I mean, did that really just happen?

Lisa Eldridge is what just happened. Queen Lisa. Goddess Lisa. THE Ms L. E. THE LISA ELDRIDGE. Here’s what happened…

The morning started off with a 7.40am train from Leeds to London and a 15 minute tube ride to the beautiful part of London that is Sloane Square, my destination being the spectacular Peter Jones Store.

I ended up arriving in plenty of time, however I was more than happy to be an extra pair of hands to help everyone set up for the important day.
The event took place in the Sloane Room, when I arrived everyone was busy getting on with individual jobs. Jobs included organising the goodie bags for the guests, helping with refreshments, to glamming up fellow Lancôme members ready for the event and lastly  helping to set up the gorgeous make-up stations. The station set ups which would be used by the Lancôme Make-up Artist Team after the Q&A with Lisa Eldridge, included skincare which ranged from Bifacil, Micellaire Water, Advanced Genifique, Light Pearl and a range of moisturisers. Make-up displayed included the La Base Pro Primer, L’absolu Rouge Lipsticks, Matte Shakers, Lip Liners, Cushion Blush Subtils, and range of powders from Belle de Teint to Teint Idole Powder and to make the experience a memorable one newly launched Tresor La Nuit was today’s Perfume of choice to be used.
I had the pleasure of freshening up Emily’s make-up who is the Head of Pr in Social Media. Emily explained she didn’t want a lot so we agreed on mainly base product with a nice pop of colour on the lips. We used Ultra Wear Foundation (04), with a slight dusting of Teint Idole Powder through her T-Zone, to add colour back to her cheeks I went for a light wash of Cushion Blush Subtil (022) and we finished off with L’absolu Rouge Lipstick in shade Isabella (189). After helping where needed, I took the opportunity to grab a few pictures of the make-up stations and overall event. This time felt like the calm before the storm. The decor looked beautiful, very elegant, feminine and classic, as it does on every Lancôme event. I think we can all agree Lancôme definitely knows how to host an event… not biased by any means!

IMG_0931 (3) (1)

IMG_0936 (2)

IMG_0944 (4)

IMG_0945 (2)

IMG_0946 (2)

IMG_0971 (2)

IMG_0966 (2)

At this point I was handed my ‘press’ card, which excited me, from this point onwards you can just call me a mini Alexandra Steinherr (lol!).

Once fellow guests arrived, it was the time we had all been waiting for. We were incredibly lucky to have the gorgeous bubbly Canadian Youtuber Estee Lalonde interviewing Lisa.

Estee was brilliant! Viewing her Instagram story, she explained how nervous she was as it was the first time she had ever interviewed and you had no idea, it was flawless, very effortless. She confidently asked Lisa lots of questions about her love of makeup, her earliest memories and building her career and a name for herself from the age of 13. I had previously thought about some questions I would ask Lisa and Estée pretty much got Lisa to answer all of them, see she was a real natural!

It was so inspiring to hear Lisa talking about how she interprets everyday life into her work, as this is what inspires her. Whether it is two contrasting objects together or tones of colours she sees that she likes together. She has a photographic memory, which she takes inspiration from.  As well as this Lisa shares the same love of iconic film stars such as Bridget Bardot and Marlene Dietrich.

IMG_0954 (2)

A burning question which a lot of people were dying to know, was what’s Lisa’s predictions on the upcoming trends? She believes minimal fresh skin, colour blocking and doubling up colour is a new trend which will take off this year, which is very interesting to know.

Lisa spoke about how her own personal makeup inspirations have shifted slightly. Previously the Korean/ Japanese girls inspired her a lot, with the bright pop of colours on the lips and pale skin. But now she’s attracted to the West Coast, L.A. vibes, entering into Spring Summer.
As a Lancôme Make-up artist I often see so many new exciting products that appeal to me on social media by Lancôme but never actually launch in the UK and I know a lot of people share my frustration. Hearing Lisa speak about the struggles and pressures of being a Creative Director for such a global beauty brand, was so interesting and really opened up my mind. Lisa explained how all countries around the globe, have such high expectations, with different interpretations of what beauty is to them, so creating products which can be sold globally can be hard to appeal to everyone. Lisa referred to her love of L’absolu Rouge Lipstick at this point and how her 84 chosen shades of Lipstick was a global launch, because there are colours that apply to all of these different markets, so everyone’s a winner. Her chosen L’absolu Rouge lip today was 393 – ‘Rose Rose’.

IMG_0958 (4)

It was interesting to hear her favourite international SPF product is the Precious Cells sunscreen with SPF 50, which Lisa can’t stress the importance of using an SPF to prevent ageing, this is definitely one product I will be keeping my eyes out for on my travels!

Lisa shared with us her desert island product when asked by Estée and how she feels the same with majority of women it has to be a base product and is no longer mascara. Lisa’s would be the upcoming camouflage cream, as she suffered with acne as a teen and has never out grown out of the use of a good concealer.
On the topic of concealer, it was interesting to hear as a Lancôme make-up artist that customers were mainly asking a lot of concealer based questions, which opened up my mind as to how the desert island product really has changed, which comes as no surprise I guess, due to the selfie ready environment we live in today!

IMG_0956 (2)

Lisa’s secret to perfecting the skin on all her clients and models is the use of her special mixing techniques of products to get the perfect formula for the individual. Whether it be mixing eye cream with concealer, serum with foundation, bb cream with concealer. The possibilities are endless and at the base of it all I found a new passion for concealer myself and how it really is a beauty product that may not get enough praise.

Another product recommendation from Lisa was the Grandiose mascara for sparse lashes. She couldn’t stress enough that massaging the products into the roots of the lash is key, up until the point where it almost becomes unbearable for her client, before dragging to the end of lashes and zigzagging up, a super handy tip that really does work, trust me – I’ve already put this tip into action!

I loved hearing about Lisa’s story and advice about her freelance career. Hearing how she got to assist the ever so talented Mary Greenwell was so fascinating! Lisa was told when she went to see Marys agent at Premier she didnt need to assist as her work was already amazing, however Lisa felt she was lacking the knowledge of working as a team, acting as a make-up artist on a ‘proper’ shoot. She said she felt up until that point she had just done her own thing, but know wanted to step it up and be in the best professional position she could possibly be!- How inspiring? Even when she was told by one of the Worlds BEST make-up agencies Premier she was good enough, it wasn’t enough she wanted more. This lady never settles, which I LOVE.

There was also there Lancome Make-up Team working on the day, offering attendee’s a make-up service, from the products provided on the stations. Many opted for a complexion make over using the much loved Ultra Wear foundation, whilst others opted for a pop of fun, with lip art using the fun bright new Matte Shakers!

IMG_0990 (2)

IMG_0996 (2)

IMG_1008 (2)

I finished the day on an absolute high meeting Lisa, grabbing a photo with Lisa! LIFE GOAL MADE. Lisa even complimented me on my make-up. LIFE GOAL MADE 1000x OVER.
I was also gifted with Lisa’s ‘Facepaint’ Book (which I was thrilled to be taking home), by the lovely Charlotte Wood, who invited me to the whole event.
Charlotte also works for Lancome and is a talented make-up artist, you can check out her work on instagram, her handle is ‘@charlottewood.mua’.

I had such a memorable day and felt so honoured to be a part of the special day for Lancome!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this? Have you met Lisa before? Did you attend the event? Let me know below!

Thank you,


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‘The Game Changer’ 

Introducing ‘THE Game Changer’ in the hair department.


So who else was like me and hates washing, drying, generally giving their hair any form of attention because it takes a ridiculous amount of time?

See how my key word there was ‘was’… Wahey, not anymore!

Long gone are the days of holding a heavy hairdryer with an aching arm for a good 20-25 minutes, thanks to my new product discovery. Meet the Keraste Resistance Ciment Thermique.

I was introduced to this saviour of a product when I went for my hair doing at Vidal Sassoon in Leeds.

The person who had to tackle my mane was Nathaniel. After several hairdressers and variety of combs and brushes later after getting my hair washed (I’ll save that story for another day!) I was ready for my hair to be dried, the bit I had been dreading, as it usually can take upto 20-30 minutes, with a decent hair dryer too – we’re talking with a Ferrari engine. I do not mess around, do I?

Nathaniel whipped out this tall thin blue bottle of hair product which he used a 10p sized amount and ran through my hair using his hands, before evenly distributing with a comb, before drying. 10 minutes drying time it took. 10 bloody minutes!

‘Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique’, you game changer, you.
Yes its a mouthful, but Oh my its insane.
Its a cream which you apply on towel dried hair.  Less is definitely more with this product, as you only need a small amount. Use too much and well its back to the shower for you.
The small amount is better in the long run anyway, as the product will last you so much longer!


It has heat activated properties in so when the heat from the hairdryer hits the cream it creates a special Topseal which has been specially made by Kerastase and is there signature trademark weapon.This ‘top coat’ formula which works to strengthen and repair the hair inside out, claiming 87% less breakage. And I’m a firm believer.

Its halved the drying time of my hair, which is incredible!! It now only takes me 10 minutes tops to dry my hair which before using this product would be completely unheard of.
The healthy clean shine it leaves my hair its again just magic, a product has never had this much of an impact before, even those claiming to have ‘shine enhancing’ properties in them haven’t finished close. Its impossible to gain frizzy unmanageable hair from this, as once the hair is dry its so gorgeously smooth and silky soft… an absolute dream.
But most importantly its improved the overall condition of my hair in the long run, which I am most pleased with.
If you want super lightweight, silky, shiny conditioned hair like the girls in the ads have you NEED this I cannot recommend this enough, you will certainly not be disappointed.


Give this ago, and let me know what you think!!



First Impressions of Lancome Teint Idole Cushion

THE PRODUCT: Lancôme Teint Idole Cushion Foundation

Available:, Debenhams, Boots, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Harrods

The Price: £30 (Refills £19.50)

Whats included?
– Mirror Compact
– Foundation Refill
– Sponge Application

What they say:
‘Reveal instantly flawless-looking skin with Teint Idole Ultra, our high-coverage, compact liquid cushion foundation. The Cushion Technology allows for easy application. Seal in long-lasting skin perfection with a luminous, vibrant glow, and refill it when empty. Touch to make a lasting impression.’

Available Shades: 9 shades available (010, 015, 01, 02, 025, 03, 04, 05, 06)

My Shade: 010 – Beige Albâtre


Packaging: The packaging of the product I love its very luxurious looking with the Black case and Gold compact lid. Its very much a foundation aimed for a night time I believe in the  Lancôme foundation range, so the colours work well. These case also is very easy to wipe clean and pretty light which is a big bonus. I adore how you can refill this foundation for just £19.50 its definitely a feature I believe which will sway people into repurchasing, as it’s a pretty affordable foundation for such a luxury brand with full coverage.

Initial Thoughts:

  • Definitely quick to use
  • Easy to use – using the sponge applicator was easier than initially thought to use, as I was able to fold the sponge in half to get in hard to reach places such as around the nose. I usually use a foundation brush but this was a nice change.
  • Sponge application allowed even finish
  • Feels very light, I don’t feel like I am using a lot of foundation
  • Finish is quite velvety matte – not completely matte or dewy
  • Colour match was quite good for my pale skin
  • Easily covered up my redness

Full Face:


Here I have the Teint Idole Cushion Foundation with the Cushion Subtil Blush in 024 on my cheeks and lips.

Overall verdict, after a week of using:

  • Best used when moisturiser has sunk in a little bit rather than straight away, as the sponge will absorb moisturiser
  • Extremely flawless
  • Doesn’t feel heavy or drying in the slightest
  • Stayed in place all day, didn’t feel the need to apply any more of the compact.
  • I did however feel incredibly oily/shiny after having the foundation on for over 13 hours, but the coverage remained intact which I was very impressed with.
  • So quick and easy to apply
  • Love how compact it is, so easy to carry around
  • Not sure how long the product will last before refilling, as do feel like I’m using more product than I would like to be honest.

Have you tried this particular full coverage cushion foundation? What’s your thoughts?


Thanks for reading,