How to: Cheat A Natural Full Brow



Just wanted to quickly share a product I live by on photoshoots!

I was introduced to this product by David Horne, @YodaofCosmetics on instagram. David is a hugely talented make-up artist with an array of huge knowledge on makeup and the latest trends, who uses this eyebrow product on himself. As soon as I saw this product I went out to purchase, as I knew it was the product I had always been needing in my kit, but wasn’t sure what it was. I dread the day hearing the words ‘Its been discontinued’.

This product is an absolute life saver and its the Suqqu ‘Liquid Brow Pen’ I have the 01 Moss Green and the 02 Brown.
Both pens are ultra fine, so super easy to use to create natural light feathery full brows. The formula of the pen stays but all day on the skin of the client too, as the formula is oil and water resistant, so can with stand the smudging. However the option is always open to top if necessary.

These pens also are known for having collagen and avocado extract to stimulate hair growth. Perfect to help to cheat your way to a fuller brow or alternatively to fill in any stubble/ facial hairs on guys for photo shoots.

The pens last me a good few months too at £20 a pen, they may seem pricey, but honestly I haven’t found anything on the market this fantastic and natural. Others I’ve come across are either too big of a nip or the colour is too strong and too warm toned. Which ends up over ruling the natural brow and not working to compliment it.

You can grab hold of the SUQQU Pens from Selfridges in the UK or online here:

Hope this has been helpful?




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