Lan Nguyen Workshop!

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So, around 2 weeks ago I attended Make-up Artist, Lan Nguyen’s creative workshop in London for just one day. I had a really lovely, make-up packed  day and thought you may like to hear about it and see some pictures!

I’m not sure if you know of Lan’s work, but to give you a brief overview, she is a super talented make-up artist who works in mainly editorial and fashion. She is known for being super creative with her looks and really pushing the boundaries of make-up, but her make-up is always so brilliantly executed nothing is done half- hearted with Lan. You will probably have seen Lan’s work numerous times, without maybe even realising! Lan has worked at Fashion Weeks all over the Globe for a large amount of time in her career and has made a highly respected name for herself. She even has a visually creative make-up book out ‘Art & Make-up’ you can view more about it here.

Back to the workshop. There was on option to attend for 2 days (the whole weekend), however due to travelling from Leeds, it was easier for me to just attend the one day on the Saturday.
The workshop took place at London School of Make-up and I attended the workshop with my friend Chloe, who I went to university with to study make-up.

I wasn’t too sure on what to expect on the day, as Lan is such a creative make-up artist I really felt anything could be possible in the demonstration!
This is the main reason why I decided to attend Lan’s workshop, I knew I would definitely walk away with new skills and new techniques that I can add to my belt and perfect in my own time.

The day consisted of Lan performing a demonstration on how she creates beautiful minimalist skin perfect with a winged liner and statement red lip, on the beautiful model Jenny.
Lan then progressed to show us how she creates her signature creative lip art work, followed by a flawless catwalk ready smokey eye.
I know I am being a bit vague here, however I am aware I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may want to attend in the future. I also don’t want to be disrespectful to Lan on what she taught me and my group, I don’t want to share her ‘tips and tricks’ word for word without her permission, it doesn’t feel right to share this on here without her say so, which I hope you can understand.

I will leave you with some amazing pictures of Lan’s work from the demonstration on the day!

IMG_1105 (2)

IMG_1117 (2)

IMG_1134 (2)

IMG_1145 (2)

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