My PERFECT Hydrating SPF Cream! 

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I CANNOT believe this amazing weather we are currently having in the UK, this week. It’s been absolutely boiling with glorious sunshine all week and has even reached a whopping 28 degree’s in Leeds, where I’m from… unheard of before!

Whats the weather been like for you, from where you’re from?

I couldn’t cant help but recognise the increased sales I’ve had a work this week from ladies demanding to products with SPF in. It really got me thinking into how thankful I am that I’ve finally found a moisturising day cream with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 20, which works perfectly for me everyday. Introducing the newly launched Lancome Visionnaire Day Cream – SPF 20.

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This day cream was recently launched back towards the end of March and was launched in support of the Lancome Visionnaire Night Peel ‘Crescendo’.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve never got on with moisturising day creams which have contained SPF in, in the past and quite frankly I’ve avoided them and looked for SPF protection in other products, such as my foundation. I know I’m the only lady which shares this opinion with SPF in day creams.
I completely understand when you add an SPF into a product you do have to add a preservative therefore that’ s what ends up changing the formula, making it into that thicker cream. I’ve always hated the ‘typical’ white thick texture, this brings, never blending seemlessly into the skin, leaving that ‘caspar the friendly ghost’ aurora to the skin. Not cute. They have often broken me out and just in general its always been a big no, no from me. As there’s been more negative experiences than positive ones.

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My mum absolutely raves about the original Visionnaire Day and Night Cream, she is absolutely obsessed and manages to get her hands on the 75ml sized jars where ever possible.
I’ve never really given it ago and I think its because of the last year or so, I have become oblivious into how much my skin has improved and changed. Therefore my skincare needs are now what the Visionnaire Cream has to offer, instead of Lancome Hydrazen cream.

The Visionnaire Cream is known for improving wrinkles, skins texture and appearance. Its filled with hyalauronic acid and a patented ingredient ‘Jasmonade’ which is Lancome’s own formula. This is the ingredient which plants produce on a night time to help repair themselves, which has the same effect on our skin. Its creates a silkly soft second skin feel to your skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh, supple and luminous just after 3 days. I really do agree. I’ve even felt my old acne scarring has reduced dramatically and I would even go as far to say that the SPF has had a huge role to play in this. As its protected this damaged/scarred area of my skin from the sun, therefore its not aggravated my scarring and only helped to reduce.

Even work colleges have commented on this and trust me, working in a beauty hall that’s saying something – a group of experts seeing me most days and even they have seen a big enough difference to comment – says just how good this product is!

I feel if you have an normal/ combination (oily) skin – I would definitely recommend in giving this a try, its worked wonders for me and even I have the most sensitive skin.

IMG_1333 (2)

Try a pick up a free sample at your local Debenhams, or even go into store and speak to one of the consultants and feel the texture on your hand, I know you will be pleasantly surprised!
Oh and as for my mum raving on about the Visionnaire Creams, well I guess ‘MUM’S ALWAYS KNOW BEST, RIGHT?’ Right.

Let me know which SPF Day Cream works for you and why you love it below.

Thanks for reading,




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