Origins: Out of Trouble Face Mask

THE PRODUCT: Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask


Available at:, Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis

Price: £24

Amount of Product: 100ml

Skin Type: Oily/ Combination/ Acne Prone

What they say:
‘When skin is too-slic or when more pressing problems start to pop up, Origins is here to keep skin Out Of Trouble. Super-absorbent Zinc Oxide and Sulfur plus calming Camphor rapidly soak up oily-shine, slough off dead cells and sweep away debris. Together they steer skin clear of slippery situations, refine rough texture and pull the plug on troublemakers to help prevent potential outbursts.’

Why I like it:

How & Why I like to use this:
I love to use this once or twice a week, I feel it really calms my skin and prevents any breakouts which I think may be round the corner from popping out. I find myself using this whilst I have a bath as this mask only needs to be on for 10 minutes, so its quite a quick easy mask to fit into my routine whilst in the bath.
Its a perfect product which can just be used in small areas instead of a full face mask and I have been told by Amber my friend who works for Origins it can be used as an over night treatment on any blemishes.
I can whole heartedly say the main reason I continuously repurchase this product time again and again is because I feel it makes me skin a lot clearer, brighter and most importantly less aggravated. It really soothes and takes the redness out of my skin and I can always guarantee this product to give me an extra trust worthy boost to pick my skin up.
The size of the mask is a really good size, it lasts ages but not long enough to feel like the product may have gone off or to get bored of the product.
I really like the packaging, its really clean and easy to use and not messy in the slightest, compared to masks I have used before which have come in tubs.
I quite like the smell of this product, its very minty however if you’re not keen on mint scents I suggest you go into store and ask to smell the tester before purchasing. I wouldn’t say the smell is enough to stop you from purchasing as it’s not overwhelming and considering this product is only on for your skin around 10 minutes, it’s not going to be on your skin all day like a day cream. I would suggest hanging on in there with the smell and reep up the benefits the product has to offer.
I wouldn’t say this is the most affordable, but its definitely worth every penny. I do believe you get what you pay for with skincare. I would try and buy this product when stores have promotions on and to get it a little bit cheaper, as after all its a skin TREATment to me, so not essential but compliments my skincare regime very well.







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