Review: Kat Von D Lock it Liquid Foundation!

Today’s blog post is about the Lock it Liquid Foundation from Miss Kat Von D… The best foundation I’ve EVER come across. Now that’s a statement.


I picked this up on New Years Eve in the Debenhams on Oxford Street, on a little bit of a whim, as I didn’t go with the intention to buy this particular foundation but picking up a new tattoo liner and a liquid lipstick, I thought meh may as well give it ago! You can tell it had just been Christmas I never usually go with this f it sort of attitude when shopping!

I’ve been using this for a good 2 weeks now and I have to say I’m SERIOUSLY impressed…

THE PRODUCT: Kat Von D Lock it Liquid Foundation

Available to purchase: Exclusive to Debenhams in the UK, Oxford Street Debenhams or alternatively you can purchase online at

Price: £27

Amount of Product: 30ml

What they say: ‘Creamy and pigmented, ‘Lock-It’ foundation is the only long-wear liquid formula we can count on to create a perfect canvas. With one pump it will even out discolouration, stop shine and hide blemishes, offering amazing coverage that’s so long-wear you can go a full 24 hours without re-applying. Formulated with proprietary pigments plus an exclusive blend of siliconic elastomers which bind the formula, it will stay flawless, fade-free and transfer-proof. The bottle also features an innovative airless chamber design that prevents contamination, maintains rich consistency and ensures a fresh, precisely measured dose with every pump.’

Colours Available: 17 available shades in the UK

My Thoughts: I’m incredibly impressed with this foundation. I loved that looking through the range, the colour choice for paler skin was insane, I couldn’t believe the amount of paler shades that were available. I remember the shades being broken down in to ‘Light Cool’ ‘Light Neutral’ and ‘Light Warm’. I did spend a while looking through the shades, to pick the right one for me. I personally opted to not get colour matched, due to having a tiny bit of gradual tan on and without meaning to sound ‘sassy’, but I do know my skin tone better than anyone.
I opted to go for Light Neutral, which is a very good colour match, especially for my neck when I have no tan on. Matching my foundation to my neck has been my biggest problem for me in the past, as my face is more pigmented than my neck due to redness and acne scarring. However its worth noting I do need to use Bronzer with this because of its full coverage, I do feel washed out and feel like I need a bit of depth and colour and well ‘life’ to be put back into my face. I could have probably got a way with Light Warm, so I’ll consider that next time when I re-purchasing because it will definitely be happening!!
Although the product gives amazing coverage, it feels incredibly light on the skin, its a non- drying formula and doesn’t transfer to the touch, again such a big bonus. I was a bit sceptical and thought it might ‘crack’ with it being a full coverage, What I mean by this is where the foundation ‘cracks’ in smile lines and around the nose, or in between frown lines. Which I’ve experienced before with fuller coverage foundations especially the iconic Estee Lauder Double Wear, which isn’t flattering. But it mesmerised me again and failed to be like the ‘usual’, by not cracking or going patchy throughout the day. Hallelujah.
A big factor for me was how even and bright the foundation looked on me through out the day, a lot of the girls noticed at work and said how nice and how perfect the colour matched was which was a lovely added bonus to the product.
The colour remained true to first application throughout the day and didn’t change or oxidise. I have an oily skin and believe it or not I remained so matte and velvety through out the day. This foundation seems too good to be true doesn’t it?

Tips & Tricks:
– Beware, this product does not contain an SPF, so you will need to make sure you are using another form of sun protect-ant for your face. Having said this, this will be the perfect night out foundation as the no SPF will guarantee you wont get the horrific flash back face when a photograph is taken.
Start off with just the one pump, it will definitely be enough for a full face, however you can build up more if needed without wasting any of the product from over using.
Keep the lid! May sound obvious, but the lid/stopper its that obvious. Its a black heart which pops in and out which will be needed when on the move to avoid any messy spillages.

I’ve been applying this using a Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ and then applying a cream Bronzer and buffing out any areas with the ‘Buffing Brush’ again by the amazing Real Techniques.

I cant urge you enough if you have a paler skin, too really give this ago, there will defintely be a perfect shade for you. Alternatively if you suffer from high pigmentation or acne, which you want to eliminate, this well give you the perfect coverage and sit beautifully. You will have a huge boost of confidence with this foundation!
It may be a faff to get your hands on, but trust me its worth it.

Let me know what you think? Have you tried the powder formula?





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