‘The Game Changer’ 

Introducing ‘THE Game Changer’ in the hair department.


So who else was like me and hates washing, drying, generally giving their hair any form of attention because it takes a ridiculous amount of time?

See how my key word there was ‘was’… Wahey, not anymore!

Long gone are the days of holding a heavy hairdryer with an aching arm for a good 20-25 minutes, thanks to my new product discovery. Meet the Keraste Resistance Ciment Thermique.

I was introduced to this saviour of a product when I went for my hair doing at Vidal Sassoon in Leeds.

The person who had to tackle my mane was Nathaniel. After several hairdressers and variety of combs and brushes later after getting my hair washed (I’ll save that story for another day!) I was ready for my hair to be dried, the bit I had been dreading, as it usually can take upto 20-30 minutes, with a decent hair dryer too – we’re talking with a Ferrari engine. I do not mess around, do I?

Nathaniel whipped out this tall thin blue bottle of hair product which he used a 10p sized amount and ran through my hair using his hands, before evenly distributing with a comb, before drying. 10 minutes drying time it took. 10 bloody minutes!

‘Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique’, you game changer, you.
Yes its a mouthful, but Oh my its insane.
Its a cream which you apply on towel dried hair.  Less is definitely more with this product, as you only need a small amount. Use too much and well its back to the shower for you.
The small amount is better in the long run anyway, as the product will last you so much longer!


It has heat activated properties in so when the heat from the hairdryer hits the cream it creates a special Topseal which has been specially made by Kerastase and is there signature trademark weapon.This ‘top coat’ formula which works to strengthen and repair the hair inside out, claiming 87% less breakage. And I’m a firm believer.

Its halved the drying time of my hair, which is incredible!! It now only takes me 10 minutes tops to dry my hair which before using this product would be completely unheard of.
The healthy clean shine it leaves my hair its again just magic, a product has never had this much of an impact before, even those claiming to have ‘shine enhancing’ properties in them haven’t finished close. Its impossible to gain frizzy unmanageable hair from this, as once the hair is dry its so gorgeously smooth and silky soft… an absolute dream.
But most importantly its improved the overall condition of my hair in the long run, which I am most pleased with.
If you want super lightweight, silky, shiny conditioned hair like the girls in the ads have you NEED this I cannot recommend this enough, you will certainly not be disappointed.


Give this ago, and let me know what you think!!




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