House of Glamdolls: Glambase Wheel 2

THE FIND: House of Glamdolls, Glambase Wheel 2


Where: I purchased this at The Glamdolls Studio in London. However you can pick it up here:

The Price: £25

What they say:
‘Created by David Horne, The Glambase 2 Wheel is a mixing revolution for complexion enhancement.  The wheel contains 6 shades that have been blended for easy complexion perfection every time.’

What shades are included?
The GlamBase Wheel 2 is presented in a windowed compact. 35g.
– Radiate, this is a copper iridescent cream highlighter and is found in the centre of the wheel
– Caramel, this cream is designed to lift and illuminate features
– Toffee, designed to be used on the lid to even out the colour, also can be used to highlight and sharpen features
– Chestnut, to shape and sculpt features
– Truffle, to conceal pigmentation and enhance your complexion
– Shadow, a dark olive colour used for concealer and contour


Why I like it:: I always have this in my kit, its a staple product for me now, just like the Glambase Wheel 1. I believe there is nothing on the market quite like this, especially for such dark skin tones. I have no worries now if  I’m given a darker skin model on a shoot as I feel I now have all areas covered with this compact wheel. It helps to concealer, lift, perfect, highlight, and could also be used a base alternative to a typical foundation.
If you’re a make-up artist you definitely need this in your kit, I can guarantee there is nothing else quite like this all in one compact wheel. its very simple quick and easy to use. If you have a darker skin and really struggle to find the perfect shade to contour and highlight with I cant stress this product enough. The pigmentation of the creams are extremely pigmented, so a little bit goes a huge way.
Its very  compact, light and you get so much product in there. The packaging is plastic, making it easy to clean and surprisingly very sturdy and I have not yet experienced any cracks or damage carrying the wheel between shoots. Once all the colours have run out of the wheel I also plan on keeping the wheel and filling it with my lipsticks, so even then the wheel will not be going to waste. Its very reasonably priced also. For 6 colours in the wheel you are roughly paying just over £4 for each colour. Bargain.


How I like to use this: I love to use a variety of different brushes with this product. I love to use my MAC 286 brush, which is a fluffy tapered duo fibre brush, as it blends perfectly seamless. I also like to use the Zoeva concealer buffer brush to mark out the contour and blending in with my finger. I love to use my fingers for the highlight shade as I feel I can judge the amount I am using better than applying with a brush.

The Downfalls: It maybe hard to believe but I cant think of a negative for this product at all, just like the Glambase Wheel 1! If you have one let me know, I’m intrigued to find one person  who doesn’t like this product yet…

Overall Verdict: The greatest find you will ever purchase for darker tones… 100% My security blanket for darker skin tones!



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