Emma Hardie Starter Kit

THE FIND: Emma Hardie Starter Kit

Where: M&S

The Price: £25

Whats inside?

– 50ml Moringa Cleansing Balm
– 15ml Age Support Treatment Cream
– Professional Duo- Action Cleansing Cloth
– Emma Hardie White Cloth Travel Bag

What they say:
‘Award winning multi-functioning cleansing balm, gently cleanses both face and eye make up in one simple step. It’s like a spa in jar, is a simple easy to use facial cleanse that can help make the skin feel more balanced, soft, radiant, smoother, calmer, hydrated, clarified. For dry skin types the Moringa cleansing balm can also double up as an overnight hydrating mask.’

Awards under its belt:
– Tatler Beauty Awards 2012/13
– Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2010 & 2012
– The Green Beauty Bible Winner
– Beauty Bible Anti Ageing Award Winner
– Stylist Skincare Award
– 2013 Herald Beauty Awards



How I like to use this:
I personally cant bare to use the cloth provided to remove my full face of make-up from the day initially, as I don’t want to turn the pure white cloth into a foundation stained mess (lol).
1. I start by wetting my face using warm water using my hands.
2. I then take a small amount of cleanser and rub it between my fingers and use small circular motions to apply to the skin.
3. I remove this pre cleanse using my regular face cloth and rinse.
4. I then repeat step 2 to cleanse my skin and then remove using the Emma Hardie cloth provided, to remove any last traces.
5. Pat dry, tone & moisturise.

If I decide to take my makeup off whilst watching TV and be lazy, I use a Micellaire water to remove the make-up and then use the Emma Hardie Cleanser and Cloth provided afterwards to really cleanse my skin and give it a nice pamper before bed.


Why I like it:
Get a generous amount for a ‘starter kit’
– Small amount goes a long way
– Gentle on the skin and eye area, doesn’t sting
– Melts all make-up off instantly
– Quick and easy to use
– The texture when rubbed into the skin, really feels luxurious
– Leaves my skin feeling, soft, smoother and moisturised

The Downfalls:
– Not the best for travelling
– I’m personally not a fan of the scent of the product, as it is quite strong and smells quite ‘zesty’ and ‘floral’… that’s the best way I can describe it!
– It is quite pricey, if used regularly
– I do feel this is best suited for a drier maturer skin, due to how the balm has left my skin feeling after.


Overall Verdict:
I do believe this product is best suited for someone who has a normal to dry skin, purely because of the oils in the products. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who has an incredibly oily skin or skin which is very sensitive to heavily fragranced products.
I do believe this is the perfect cleanser for these upcoming winter months, as its a very rich luxurious product, so will leave the driest of skins beautifully soft and hydrated in the harsh cold and windy months.
This 50ml product will last you roughly about 2-3 months on everyday use, as a small amount goes a long way which is great. However I have used other cleansing products which are slightly cheaper which have lasted double the amount longer, due to getting more product (100ml+).
This set is perfect for someone like myself who is wanting to try this cleanser before handing over £38 for 100g of product or £59 for 200g of product.
The cloth is of lovely quality and is definitely a requirement when using this product as it really helps to melt and remove any traces of remaining oil on the skin, in a gentle non abrasive way, brilliant for daily use.

Let me know if you would like to hear about the cream provided?

Thanks for reading,


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