The Beauty Tag.

I’m trying something new today, which I have not done before which is a make-up tag! It’s a little bit more personal but thought I would answer the questions…

1. Who is your Make-up Inspo?
I have so many Make-up Artist’s that inspire me! I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one, as I am inspired by different artists for different reasons. Mary Greenwell for me is my ultimate inspiration for timeless, natural beauty which is so elegant and feminine which I feel some people often tend to overlook and underestimate with a make-up artist. If you know you know. I also love Lisa Eldridge too, Andrew Gallimore, James Molloy, Lan Nguyen and Sam & Nic Chapman. The list is endless, I could do a separate blog post on this question!

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2. What Brand haven’t you tried but would like to?
I would love to try Becca products. They look so so so, dreamy. Having a friend who works at Space NK who confirms how good some of the products are makes me want to try them more, I’ve just never got around! I’d love to try the Shimmering Skin Perfector, Under Eye Brightening Corrector and the Eye Tints.

3. How many times a week do you wear make-up?
Currently everyday. However I usually avoid wearing make-up when I can, to give my skin some time off and to save money loool!

4. Do you take any supplements for your hair, skin or nails?

5. What is your favourite way of unwinding?
I would say by having a nice hot bath, with a nice bath bomb etc. And doing every thing you can to feel a little better about myself, such as shaving legs (got to be done!), face mask, teeth whitening and using my favourite smelling products. Otherwise lazying around with the Boyf eating Dominoes watching TV…

6. Do you prefer in general cosmetics from the UK or the USA?
I’ve never purchased anything from the USA as Ive never been before. But if this means just brand wise in General  it would be hard to say, as I do use a lot of French Brands. Let’s just assume it means buying, and stick to the UK.

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7. What is your most expensive piece of make-up in your collection and why did you spend that much money on it?
I think it would be my MAC Custom Large Duo Palette, which holds 30 eye shadows. I’ve currently got 29 in there. So I would say its worth around £240 with Discount I’ve used on individual products. Eeeeeeek. Painful.
I take it to every job with me and have staple eye shadow colours in there I believe.

8. What is your favourite lipstick and why?
Favourite Lipstick has to be my Christian Louboutin Lipstick, my boyfriend bought me last year. It was a big surprised and apparently it was really hard to get hold of, so had to get it shipped across. My lil piece of designer realness, just need the shoes now to match *hint*

9. What is your favourite make-up trend right now?
I’m loving the cushion trend at the moment. Cushion Foundation and Blush, which has come from Asian Beauty Trends, makes make-up really quick eating to apply and a really nice cooling texture. Spongey Magic! You need to try, if you haven’t already.

10. What do you look at first when you look at someones make-up and why?
I think its the shade of foundation, I think it tells a lot about a person. Because you can see if they understand make-up, the coverage they like, possibly insecurities of their and their ideal perception of beauty to them. That got deep, pretty quick…

11. How much time everyday do you spend doing your make-up?
I would say 30 – 45 minutes. As on a morning I usually do my make-up early morning around 7am, I’m usually still waking up at that time, so I’m doing everything 1mph. I don’t help myself by sitting around getting distracted watching Piers Morgan and Susanna ramble on, on Good Morning Britain…. sad but true.

I tag you all!


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  1. Loved this post! I really need to try a cushioned foundation, they look amazing. Thanks for answering my questions. I completely agree with you when you talk about looking at foundation to see the person behind- so true 😍 xxxx

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