Phyllis Cohen Masterclass!

Hey everyone!

On Wednesday I was given an incredible opportunity to go back down to House of Glamdolls, in London, to attend a master-class with Phyllis Cohen with other previous Glamdoll students.

Phyllis talked to us about herself and talked us through some of her work, how she got into make-up, stencilling and most importantly how all this developed into her own brand face lace.

Phyllis carried out a demonstration through the evening demonstrating how she applies face lace and also showed her new 2016 designs. She had also made individual pieces exclusively for the evening to share with us.

Throughout the night we were given the opportunity to look through Phyliss’ working book, where she documents her practices and face charts along with ideas. It was so interesting to see how a successful working make-up artists uses face charts and in different ways to benefit her and her design development. This is something I will be taking forward with me in my university final major project.

Here are a few pictures from the night and Phyliss’ demonstration:


Sorry some of the images, are terribly quality had to really zoom in!

I picked up a few bits on the night. I firstly picked up the star face lace ear lobes, which Phyllis had demonstrated with, along with the matching eye designs. I picked up this design as I thought it would match my university project really well, and I have always been interested in using face lace due to how simple it looks to use but how intricate the designs are. There was a discount off on the night so I decided to take full advantage and cant wait to try 🙂

I also picked up the Lift Wheel, the new wheel from the House of Glamdolls, so my collection is now complete. I’ve not been trained into how to use this wheel like the others, but the peachy tones appealed to me for around the eye area, to lift dark eye circles people tend to have – Ill keep you updated!

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Any more information you would like to find out about:
Phyllis Cohen
Face Lace
House of Glamdolls
Please click on the links above.

Ruth x



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