BTS with Chloe- Anne Charnock


Today I wanted to share with you a BTS from last Thursdays shoot, which I arranged in Chorley.
The photographer on the day was Chloe- Anne Charnock, with the model being Amber from Boss Model Management.
I was so lucky and fortunate enough to be able to hire 2 head pieces from a high fashion millinery designer in London ‘Le Roni Head Pieces’, which have been featured in Vogue Online. They were BEAUTIFUL.

Please find below pictures from the day:

I really enjoyed this shoot with Chloe, she’s so lovely to work with and works in a different way to any other photographers I’ve worked with so it was interesting to work her way for a change.
Amber also had a beautifil face to work on with flawless skin, so made my job super easy!
And as for the Head Pieces I can’t thank Roni and Dan enough for their time and travelling, I hope you are all happy with the final images when we have received 🙂

Thanks for reading, my next post will be about another BTS with Chris Harvey.


Ruth x



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