Top MAC Products for a MUA Kit


Below I have listed a few of my favourite products from MAC, which I have in my kit, I think this is great for anyone starting out in make-up and what you should have a look at or look out for. This is just my personal views, they’re are plenty of other brands which do similar products, which may work better for you however this is just what I like to have in my kit, I hope you enjoy!

1. Face & Body Foundation- £22+
This is a holy grail foundation which ever make-up artist has in there kit!!! When I first started using this I really didnt like it, I couldnt get it ‘to work’ and it just looked patchy and way too dewy for my liking and it frustrated my why I couldn’t love this product initially. I think this was because I’d never used a foundation which is water based before and hearing the hype and love for Face & Body I expected to fall in love with it instantly… However now it can be a foundation that I can 100% rely on in my kit and take it to every job for a fresh, natural looking base. Its brilliant for editorial/ beauty work  as it contains no spf. Its buildable, light weight, can be used on the body, blendable and comes in an a ray of colours. Making it perfect for even male models who aren’t particularly keen on the whole make-up process and it dries pretty fast too, so no waiting around needed before getting into outfits! I like to use this with a duo fibre brush like the 187 also from MAC, but I do like to go over or use the Real Techniques ‘Buffing Brush’ too, for a little more coverage. But it works just as well using your fingers too, as it thickens with the warmth of your fingers tips. In department stores Face and Body is stocked in 50ml however at Pro free standing stores you can get your hands on 120ml sizes, which are great for make-up artists!

2. Concealer Palettes – £35 each
These are brilliant concealer palettes for make-up artist’s because the amount of product you get in is actually quite a lot and has lasted me ages! Even when  one colours has fully run out I can buy the concealer and just depot the product back into the right square to save me carrying around more packaging than necessary. MAC do 3 shades of these palettes ‘Light’, ‘Medium’ & ‘Deep’ I personally have got the lightest and the darkest as to me it made more sense to get the lightest one and then mix it with the dark palette to make the medium shades from the medium palette. The concealers inside the palette are the Studio Sculpt Concealers so very creamy which do need to be set with powder especially under the eye areas as they have a tendacy to crease. They also work brilliantly for shading and highlighting areas of the face because of how creamy they are, I love using them with a flat concealer brush and then blending in with MAC 286 brush.


3. Palettes – £5+
I think the custom made palettes are definitely one of the main products which set as side MAC from any other brand out there. The customization you can build up of eye shadows, blushes, sculpting powders etc is brilliant.
I think the 2 palettes which MAC have released in 2014 (I think) are amazing value and definitely a must have for anyone wanting to get into make-up or build there kit. I must say I do tend to use my warm toned palette the most out of the 2 and it does tend to get more compliments on. The only negative with the pre packed palettes is they cant be removed from the palette which is a little upsetting as I wanted to move both mine into a double palette as it saves me carrying them both separately but unfortunately it cant be done wahhh!!! I think the palettes make lovely gifts too they are never too heavy the only down side to getting a double palette is the labelling can be a little but of a pain however that just might be me, being a fussy one.

4. Lip Liners- £12.50
I know there are plenty of cheaper brands out there that do amazing lip liners for a lot cheaper, ahem Kiko Cosmetics. But for this I thought I would mention MAC for those who are looking for good lip pencils, which sharpen beautifully, lasts a long time, strong and don’t break no matter how many times they’ve ended up falling on the floor. Creamy, soft, none drying, long lasting and none running is the best way to sum these lip liners up. There’s so many beautiful colours to the collection I’m sure you’ll find one perfect for what you’re after!

5. Brush Cleanser-£12
A bit of a boring topic but MAC’s brush cleanser is amazing for on the job. I wouldn’t use it to replace giving my brushes a proper warm water wash, but whilst on the job and needing to clean a brush its amazing. I love it because it takes the product out of the brush instantly and the brush dries very quickly. Its very gently to the brush hairs so my brushes are kept in good condition when I use it. Its not greasy or oily like some brush cleanser are which I’ve tried in the past. These make sense to break down the make-up within the brush but getting the oil out off the brush can be really hard. The top as well is a press top so you can pour out a small amount, you just have to be careful when travelling nothing presses down on the lid…

Hope that was an interesting read let me know your thoughts and what you like from MAC. Of course there are so many other products which are great such as the paint pots the strobe cream but these are my personal kit faves.

Ruth x

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