Best Oscar Make-up Looks!

On Sunday night, The 90th Academy Awards, or as more commonly known ‘The Oscars’, took place in California, with a total of 24 awards being up for grabs.

With The Oscars marking the end of the big awards season, I thought I would share some of the best make-up looks which have had the most praise.
I’ve decided to do this with a twist and list how you would recreate these make-up looks using ONLY Lancome products!

Lupita Nyong’o

Make-up Artist: Nick Barose

Inspiration: Egyptian Blue & Gold Eye Make-up

Key Lancôme Products:
Pore Eraser, La Base Primer
Ultra Wear Foundation
Custom Glow Drops Bronze
Grandiose Mascara
Ombre Hypnose Stylo ’07 Bleu Nuit’
Artliner ‘Navy’
Single Mono Eyeshadow P207,
Blush Subtil 032
Rouge in Love 277n with Custom Highlight Drops in Bronze pressed lightly over the top

Emma Stone

Make-up Artist: Rachel Goodwin

Inspiration: Iconic 70s Women

Key Lancôme Products:

La Base Pro Primer
Ultrawear Foundation Stick
Ultrawear Powder
Sourcils Gel & Sourcils Styler
030 Blush Subtil Eyes/ 02 Blush Subtil Cheeks
08 Ombre Hypnose Stylo
Volume – a – porter Mascara
Juicy Shaker Meli Melon on Lips

Jennifer Lawrence

Make-up Artist: Hung Vanngo

Inspiration: 80’s

Key Lancôme Products:

Hydrogel Advanced Genifique Mask
HydraGlow Primer
Ultrawear Foundation
Camouflage Concealer
Ombre Hypnose Stylo 04
ST1 Eyeshadow Palette
Le Crayon Kohl Noir
Hypnose Drama Mascara
011 Blush Subtil
Rose Glow & Bronze Custom Drops
047 Le Lip Liner & L’absolu Rouge 47 Lipstick

Taraji P. Henson

Make-up Artist: Ashunta Sheriff

Inspiration: Grecian Glowing Skin meets Bold Matte Lip

Key Lancôme Products:

La Base Pro Primer
Ultrawear Foundation
Ultrawear Foundation Stick to Contour & Highlight
Camouflage Concealer
022 Rose Indien Blush Subtil
Rose Glow Custom Highlighting Drops
Belle de Teint Powder
Ombre Hypnose Stylo 03
Grandiose Liner Noir
Cils Booster Mascara Primer, Mr Big Mascara
00 Le Lip Liner, L’absolu Rouge 397 Lipstick.


Make-up Artist: Sheika Daly

Inspiration: Clean, Fresh, Fashion Beauty Look

Key Lancôme Products:

Hydrogel Advanced Genifique Mask
La Base Pro Primer
Ultrawear Foundation
Ultrawear Foundation Stick to Contour
Custom Glow Drops in Rose & Bronze
Belle de Teint Powder
Sourcils Definis & Sourcils Styler
Ombre Hypnose Stylo 04
ST3 Eyeshadow Palette
Le Crayon Kohl Noir
Rosy Plump Gloss
Grandiose Extreme Mascara 

Which were your favourite Oscar Make-up Looks of 2018?

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Ruth x


Working at The BAFTAs 2018!

Ahhh at last, I’m finally getting time to write this out, at long last. It’s been a crazy few weeks to say the least, hence to why I am only getting chance to write this post now.

As the title reveals, YES I worked at the BAFTAS 2018!

The British Academy of Film & Television Awards, if we’re being proper here.

I worked the BAFTA Weekend with my Lancôme Family at The Savoy Hotel in London – Home to the Luxurious Lancôme Suite.

If I’m being honest, it still feels a bit weird to type it out and put on my CV ‘Lancôme BAFTA Make-up Artist 2018’.

The only way to some up the entire working weekend, would be to say I was in an exquisite magical bubble for the entire weekend, which just floated by so quickly and I definitely landed on Cloud 9.

I felt incredibly lucky and blessed to have been chosen to be part of the small Lancôme BAFTA Make-up Team, working under our top Lancôme UK Make-up Artist, Fortunato Benavoli.

The Lancôme Suite

I can’t even tell you how beautiful, the Lancôme suite was that we worked in. Every detail oozed Lancôme Luxe. The fresh real pink rose decor, the Lancôme fragranced candle burning away silently in the background, scented the whole suite. Vases filled with minature La Vie est Belle & Tresor La Nuit perfumes for guests to take, sat next to face charts created by the King of Face Charts Alex Babsky, created to inspire our guests who awaited make-up in the suite, layed upon a beautiful mirrored glass table. Individual Black and White Make-up stations adorned every required Lancôme product needed for a red carpet look, organised side by side. Modern 1950s light up mirrors, with Lancôme branded directors Make-up chairs finished off the luxury stations perfectly, what a way to get our guests in the BAFTA spirit.

To the left of the Make-up Station was the Lancôme photography room. Yes a whole room, for photos. Lancôme knows.

The room had a grand floor to ceiling flower wall, embellished with real soft pink roses of all sizes & fairytale forest greenery. In the centre a neon Lancôme Logo, shon through the floral backdrop.

About 8 cameras stood in front of the backdrop, cos you know why have 1 when you can have 8… these made the perfect gif.

But expect to nail the perfect one after around 23 attempts, which ends to slowing down the viewing machine, which ends to having an internal melt down after seeing 3 chins you were in denial about, which leads to the anxiety of the whole queue thats formed seeing your failed attempts, in which you end up asking the guy in charge for posing tips, to avoid the piggy face or tum being on show. We were all guilty of this, right Marek? Hahaha.

We all loved this, especially the guests. After you had nailed your pose, you could view it on the fancy vending style machine. Send it, print it or share it, instantly!

In the room next to this was the bathroom of all bathrooms. Imagine a Savoy Suite bathroom decorated with every Lancôme skincare product required for a perfect base for red carpet make-up. Head over to @esteelalonde ‘s Instagram to see how big this bath really was!

Grand visuals hung around the suite of our stunning Lancôme ambassadoress’. Kate Winslet’s portrait hung next to me, everyone commented how gorgeous she looked. The pressure was on.

The Team

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have around me for my first BAFTA experience. I was the only one who has travelled from ‘reet up north’ from Leeds, so I was a little nervous.
Make-up Artists I worked with which I would highly recommend you check out their instagrams:

Fortunato @fortunato.benavoli

Charlotte @charlottewood.mua

Maja @majamakeups

Marek @MarekHegli

Georgios @itsonlyabitofmakeup

Sameera @sameera_facecreative

Hasan @makeupbyhasan

Eleni @EleniTuesley

Skincare Experts were Tiffany @Tiffany712 and Ezra, having these girls there to prep the skin, was a dream, you were a huge help ladies!

Painting Faces

So the big question, who’s make-up did you do!?

Honestly, I lost count I must have painted at least 20 fabulous faces, across the whole weekend. I met some wonderful ladies of all ages from London, Ireland, Scotland, LA, Italy & California. I was lucky to make-up a few of the nominees, a few ladies which come to mind include:

Mary H. Ellis, Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, & Jennifer Evans

The last person I made up was the beautiful Lancôme Blogger & influencer, Manal who goes by the handle (@chinutay).

To know what I used on Manal & other attendee’s please view Lancome page, by clicking here.

Comment below if you have any questions!

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Britains Next Top Model Episode 3!

Today I wanted to share with you, my behind the scenes pictures of working on Episode 3 of Britains Next Top Model.

If you missed my last blog post and feeling a tiny bit out of the loop or wanting to see more ‘behind the scenes’ pictures check out my latest blog post, by clicking here.

This weeks challenge was quite a difficult challenge for the girls, working with Client – PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

For this weeks episode I worked on the beautiful Tamsin again.

Lee Pycroft (Head Make-up Artist) set me the challenge of the blown out heavy dark smokey eyes which I was hoping for, as I love this look with paled down skin, its right up my street!

To add to the distressed message we wanting to portray for the PETA shoot, we used liquid liner and a Black Mascara Wand to create a messy smudged distressed feel to the lower lash line.

Products used:

  • Lancôme Micellaire Water
  • Lancôme Advanced Genifique
  • Lancôme Hydrazen Day Cream (Normal Skin Type)
  • Lola Cosmetics Perfect Skin Illuminating Base
  • Lola Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation
  • Lola Cosmetics Matte Silky Finishing Powder
  • Lola Cosmetics Highlighting Powder
  • Lola Cosmetics Brow Pencil
  • Lola Cosmetics Eye Base
  • Lola Cosmetics Automatic Eye Pencil
  • Lola Cosmetics Single Satin Eyeshadow – Black
  • Lola Cosmetics Single Matte Eyeshadow – Grey
  • Lola Cosmetics Liquid Liner
  • Lola Cosmetics Lip Pencil – Petal
  • Lola Cosmetics Lash Extension Mascara
  • Lola Cosmetics Ultra Shine Gloss- Clear

I also had the pleasure of doing Martha’s Make-up for this Challenge too!

Same products were used on Martha as I used on Tamsin above.

The second half of this episode, challenged the girls to star in an advert for Creative Nature Superfoods.

This look consisted of super natural barely there make-up, very minimal.

The brief set by Head Make-up Artist was very minimal with a tad subtle sheen to the lids, cheeks and lips.

For this I worked on rock chick Martha, who has incredible skin!

For Martha’s look, I used:

  • Lancôme Micellaire Water
  • Lancôme Advanced Genifique Serum
  • Lancôme Hydrazen Day Cream (Normal Skin Type)
  • Lola Cosmetics Perfect Base Illuminating Primer
  • Lola Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation
  • Lola Cosmetics Highlighting Liquid Concealer Pen
  • Lola Cosmetics Liquid Concealer
  • Lola Cosmetics Powder Blusher – Pale Pink & Medium Rose
  • Lola Cosmetics Matte Silky Finish Powder
  • Lola Cosmetics Brow Pencil
  • Lola Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara
  • Lola Cosmetics Intense Lipstick- Mocca (Lightly Patted on Lip)

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Thanks for reading!

Ruth x

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Britains Next Top Model Episode 2!

Welcome back to my Blog!

As you can see this is an exciting make-up post that Ive had to keep a secret for months!

You may remember a couple of months ago, I uploaded a post which you can read here about how I assisted Lee Pycroft as part of her Make-up Team on Britains Next Top Model which was aired March/April earlier this year.

Due to high demand another series was filmed earlier this year and is currently being aired on LifeTime TV. I was so lucky and fortunate enough to have been selected by Lee again to be a part of her team.

Episode 2 aired Thursday 26th October and the client for this episode was Debenhams accessories with Guest Judge Savannah Miller.

For this episode I worked to Lee’s Brief of clean fresh skin, barely there lip, soft neat brows & subtly defined eyes finished with false lashes for fullness. I was partnered up with beautiful model Tamsin on this.

Products Used:

The make-up we used as a team consisted of Lola Cosmetics & Spectrum Collection Brushes, due to these being the Britains Next Top Model Sponsors.

  • Lancome Micellaire Water
  • Lancome Advanced Genifique
  • Lancome Hydrazen Day Cream
  • Lola Cosmetics Perfect Skin Illuminating Base
  • Lola Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation
  • Lola Cosmetics Matte Silky Finishing Powder
  • Lola Cosmetics Highlighting Powder
  • Lola Cosmetics Shimmer Powder
  • Lola Cosmetics Brow Pencil
  • Lola Cosmetics Automatic Eye Pencil
  • Lola Cosmetics Single Matte Eyeshadows
  • Lola Cosmetics Lash Extension Mascara
  • Lola Cosmetics False Lashes
  • Lola Cosmetics Intense Colour Lipstick

Here’s Tamsins gorgeous Final Photo

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Tamsins handle is @bntmtamsin

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Saying Au Revoir to Bad Skin Days, thanks to Lancome!

Im sure if you’ve been reading my posts for a while now (thank you) I’m sure you will be aware my never dying love for Lancome’s Number One Serum ‘Advanced Genifique’. I’ve lost count how many bottles I’ve gone through, no skincare routine is right without it in my opinion. Every face that gets the pleasure of sitting in my chair gets introduced to this little beauty – its that good.  Ruth ‘Advanced Genifique’ Brabiner, please to meet you too!

Now at the end of this month August Lancome are introducing to the shelves Advanced Genifique Sensitive!

IMG_2239 (2)

Sensitive. Don’t let the name fool you, by thinking oh sensitive, my skins not sensitive I’ll give it a miss, this one’s not for me. Well I can assure you, you’re wrong my friend, here let me explain…

Price: £59

Where to Purchase: Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Browns, Hoopers, Harrods,

Amount of Product: 20ml (One Size Only)

Official Statement from Lancome:
Today’s lifestyle can cause havoc on our skin. External factors such as travelling, air conditioning, seasonal changes, pollution or late nights, as well as internal factors such as fatigue, stress or hormonal cycles, can all have an impact on your skin appearance.
These internal and external factors can sometimes result in your skin feeling and looking “different” causing a “bad skin day”.
Bad skin days can affects women whatever the age or skin type.

It’s time to say bye-bye to bad skin days as we introduce the new Advanced Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate, our night skin saviour. A freshly Activated Dual Concentrate serum that will help soothe your skin whenever you feel it needs it. The face serum is enriched with the same ingredient as our iconic Advanced Génifique Serum – ferment extract, bifidobacterius extract as well as a lactobacillum ferment extract. In addition to these ingredients it contains an additional concentrate enriched with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

Whats a bad skin day to me?
To give you a little summary into my bad skin day – a ‘hightened sensitivity’ period of time on my skin. I usally suffer with patches of de-hydration in areas of my skin, with aggravated redness, along with a few blemishes around the chin area for good measure! Laverly.

When/ How do I use it?
To use this product you do need to use it on a night time, after you have cleansed your skin and toned. You use the Advanced Genifique Sensitive, the same way you use the original Genifique in a morning. You apply one pump of the sensitive to the palm of your hands and massage into your clean skin using your finger tips, avoiding the eye area. You then follow on with your regular eye cream and night time cream over the top.
I have been using my Visionnaire Eye Balm and Hydrazen Nuit Cream over the top my Sensitive Serum.

How do I activate the product?
You’re either gonna love this process or hate it. I was a bit worried doing mine for the first time, but it’s so quick and simple. To be honest, I wanted to have a go at another one it was that fun, felt like I was in my own laboratory. This is definitely some thing to keep the children entertained for 10 minutes!

How long with Advanced Genifique Sensitive last?
Advanced Genifique Sensitive is full of pro biotics and yeast which are natural ingredients therefore, Sensitive will only last for approxiametly 2 months from activation. It’s important to make a note of the date, you first activate the product, you have 2 months from this date.

What happens to the product after 2 months?
The product will no longer be safe to use, the colour of the product will change and also the smell, due to the pro biotics.

How do I know if it will be suitable for my skin?
If you’re unsure I suggest popping by to your local Lancome counter and get your hands on one of these samples and having a one to one, skincare consultation with a Lancome expert.

How has my skin changed since using Advanced Genifique Sensitive?
I would say its a lovely addition to add to a skincare regime for when your skin is feeling like it needs a pick me up boost, but I do agree with Lancome that this isn’t for everyone to use. I would only suggest trying this out if you do feel you’re skin is really suffering with the seasonal change or you’re going through a stressful period of work or you’ve been ill recently and your skins suffering because of it. You need to be sure you’re skin needs a bit of TLC and that you know you will definitely use this every night for the next 2 months of opening, otherwise I do feel you would be disappointed and not see the results that this product is capable of achieving.
Although its still part of the Genifique family, this little serum is in a league of its own, especially in comparison to the original Genifique. The sensitive serum is a lit bit thicker in texture, its still a runny fluid however I feel it is a tiny bit denser. I do feel that you can still feel the texture of the product on the surface of the skin rather than the super fast absorbing original genifique. It doesn’t bother me that the sensitive stays on the surface a bit longer as I don’t stick to the pillow and actually I prefer to know that the sensitive serum is working its way into my skin throughout the night. The colour as well is a blue colour, but in no way does this leave the skin with a blue tinge. Its quite fragranced but I think the scent is mainly the probiotics which you can smell, as it’s such a natural fresh ingredient. I wouldn’t say its an off putting scent but you can definitely smell it whilst applying to the skin, therefore you can understand why this product can no longer be used after 2 months of opening.
I found it quite easy to remember my 2 month mark as I opened it on the 22nd of August as the 22nd is my Birthday number, so I would suggest doing the same and picking a memorable number of the month that you can look back on and remember when you started the treatment.
I found from using the Genifique Sensitive, my skin looked a lot more soothed the next day from using this and didn’t look as angry in areas. However its important to note that the spots I did have at this time didn’t really go away from using this or get any worse. I don’t recommend purchasing the Sensitive Genifique as an anti spot treatment as this isn’t what a ‘bad skin day’ is in terms of this product, which can be a little bit confusing.
I would definitely suggest reading some reviews on and trying to get your hands on a sample at any of your local Lancome counters to see if this product is the one for you.

Let me know if you’ve been tempted to try the Genifique Sensitive or if you’re a lover of the Genifique Original Serum!

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x





Easy Halloween Skull using Ultra Wear Foundation Sticks!

With Halloween nearly upon us I thought I would share with you a Halloween look using only 5 different types of products and no fake blood needed!
This look would be perfect for anyone who hasn’t got any ‘special effects make-up’ at home, so needs to use their everyday make-up bag to achieve a Halloween look!

Products I used:
– Lancome Foundation Sticks in shades 005, 032, 055 & 16
– Lancome Le Crayon Kohl (Noir) – Black Pencil
– Lancome Mr Big Permanent Marker (Noir)
– Lancome Grandiose Liner (Noir) – Black Liquid Liner
– Lancome Grandiose Mascara – Black Mascara
– Lancome Black Eyeshadow from Hypnose Eyeshadow Palette (Brun Adore)

  1. I prepped my skin using Lancome’s Advanced Genifique with Light Pearl Eye Serum and a little bit of Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream, after cleansing and toning.
  2. I then moved on to the main base colour using the Lancome Ultra Wear Foundation stick all over which matched my skin tone (005). I applied this using the short handled angled brush also by Lancome and worked it onto the skin achieving a medium coverage, with no concealer.
  3. Next I used the Lancome Foundation Stick in shade 032, and mapped out the ‘Skull’ shape by creating sunken in cheek bones and forehead. I used a small flat brush to apply and blended this into the skin using downward striped motions, so no harsh edges were noticeable and the colour faded from 032 to 005 seamlessly.
  4. Then I used shade 055 in the same Lancome  Ultra Wear Stick and went over this shape further to create more depth. I applied the 055 to my jaw line and created the shape of the heavy angry brows. A good tip to create this effect is to frown normally and run a thin brush in between the frown line wrinkles and then relax the face and blend following the shape you have already created using a small fluffy brush with light pressure.
  5. Once I had finished adding depth with 055, I moved on to the darkest shade to create more depth by using shade 16. I used a very light hand for this and a fluffy brush I found taking the product on to the brush for the stick worked better than using the stick straight onto the skin, as I lost precision when I tried it straight from the stick.
  6. At this point I moved onto creating the dark eyes and the mouth. I started by applying Lancome’s Le Crayon Kohl Pencil in Black to the top and bottom waterlines of both eyes. I then followed my own natural eye socket shape by feeling for the socket bone around my eye and created the suitable shape. Le Crayon Kohl Pencil worked perfectly as it glided over the foundation so easily and didn’t pull or drag my skin when I applied it.
    I then used the same pencil to map the lines around the mouth area which you can see pictured.
  7. I then swapped the kohl pencil for the Mr Big Permanent Marker again by Lancome to colour in the circles around the eyes, for speed and depth. I’m sure you are aware if you have had a play using the Mr Big Permanent Marker, you will have experience the Marker does have a tendency to stick, so to help prevent this I used a black eye shadow from one of the Hypnose Palette eye shadows and ran this all over the area I had applied the Marker, to prevent it sticking and moving and to make it a darker black.
  8. I finished the eyes of by applying a few coats of one of my favourite Lancome Mascara’s; Grandiose, on to my top and bottom lashes.
  9. I applied the Mr Big Marker to my nose as well to create the shape and used a little bit of the Lancome Grandiose Liner neaten and create a precise sharper finish.
  10. I felt at the point the rest of the make-up looked a little bit ‘too clean’ so I used a very light hand with the kohl pencil and created small thin wobbly lines to create a vein type look to some areas of the face and used my ring finger to blend it into the skin to soften the look.

Let me know if you give this a go, or link below your own Halloween tutorials I’d love to see them!



Best Luxe Matte Liquid Lips EVER?

Liquid Lips are in and have been for ages now and believe me, they’re not going anywhere soon in a hurry!
So let me introduce you to my collection of these Lancome Matte Shakers, the investment that will have you covered from A to B.

IMG_2284 (2)


Where to Purchase: Debenhams, Boots, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Browns, Selfridges, Harrods,

Price: £19.50

Amount of Shades Available: 7 Shades Available

  • 270 Beige Vintage
  • 272 Energy Peach
  • 186 Magic Orange
  • 189 Red’y in 5
  • 374 Kiss Me Cherie
  • 378 Pink Power
  • 379 Yummy Pink (I’ve got the Pink Power 378, Magic Orange 186, Kiss Me Cherie 374 & Yummy Pink 379)
IMG_2287 (2)


Product Description from Lancome
Ready to shake-up the rules of matte?
Our innovative new Matte Shaker liquid lipstick formula has an intense colour payoff. The liquid formula turns matte after a few minutes for a beautifully matte result.
Matte Shaker leaves behind a gorgeous lip stained look too, for lips that want to stay bold.
Choose from seven vivid colours in opaque and highly-pigmented matte lipstick shades that glide on so comfortably you can barely feel them.
Thanks to the liquid matte lipstick formula, enriched with silicone oils, you can say goodbye to stickiness and that dry feel and enjoy intense coverage with a lightweight second-skin feel.
The water-in-oil emulsion is non-migrating and non-transfer, designed to keep your lips looking luscious.
And with a ultra-precise lip cushion applicator, it couldn’t be easier to apply.
Finish your look with precision perfection – find your contouring colour match with our new Le Lip Liner collection.
Be mad. Be matte. Be you!

IMG_2288 (3)


Amount of Product?

The Packaging?
The packaging is lovely in my opinion, really fun and really cute. You are bound to get a lot of questions from your friends as soon as you pull this out of your make-up bag for a on-the-go top up.
The Lancome shakers are designed to look like mini cocktail shakers, however these are made from plastic, so there wont be any spillages in the bag from these!
I love how the black glossy lid, is a clear visual to distinguish the different texture to the Juicy Shakers also buy Lancome.


What is the applicator like?
There’s no other lip product on the market to date which has this unique cushion applicator, except from Lancome’s own Juicy Shakers!
Its quite a wide domed cushion, with a point which allows for quick application and accuracy. It’s surprisingly so easy to use despite my first initial ‘that’s going to go everywhere’ thoughts, I think this is due to the pointed applicator and the outter shaker style lid, it allows for a firm grip and easy to manoeuvre.

IMG_2299 (2)

Does the product bleed/ run?
Not at all! This product is the best liquid lip I’ve found for colour pay off and for staying put. Due to its incredibly light ‘wet’ texture, it definitely covers the lip as a second skin effect, there fore does not bleed. Those of you who were familiar with Lancome’s old L’absolu Velvets, they had the tendency to bleed, due to the thick creamy texture however these stay put, meaning you can eat and drink in confidence. Perfect for date night!

How long does the product stay on for?
These last all day! I usually put these on around 8 am in the morning and usually get home around 6pm and they haven’t budge all day and they look just as good as when I initially left the house. I do like to give a quick top up after I’ve eaten, even though I could get away without (Bonus!) I think its just habit for me. I usually have to use my Bifacil eye make-up remover to get the bulk off before bed. These truly have the most amazing staying power.

Is the product suitable for dry lips?
Yes! I thought these may dry my lips out, however they don’t, again I feel this is because of the feather light texture. If you have really dry lips you can always apply a bit of lip balm before applying the shakers, the Renergie lip balm works perfectly for this I’ve found as its a nice light lip balm so doesn’t interfere the matte shakers, colour pay off or texture.

Tips & Tricks?
Get the product going quicker by shaking your shaker upside down! You will need to shake for every use due to the oil and pigment created in the product, oil has the tendency to separate when left.
Use the applicator in your favour! If you are wanting a bright punchy bold colour, use lots of small light dabbing motions over the lip to build the colour using the pointed end of the applicator.
If you want a sheer, wash of colour or a ‘just bitten’ type of colour, you are best to swipe the cushion applicator over the lip, using the rounded flat side of the cushion. This means not as much pressure is going onto the cushion for the product to release a lot of product.

Closer look at the shades I own…





Have you tried the Lancome Matte Shakers? Whats your favourite shade?